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Homelessness Strategy 2018-2023

We are producing a new Homelessness Strategy for the borough. The final strategy that we adopt later in the year will set out our vision for tackling homelessness in the borough and what actions we intend to deliver for 2018-23.

Homelessness has shot up the media and political agenda over the past year and all major political parties mentioned homelessness in their manifestos for the June 2017 General Election. The Conservative government has pledged to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and eliminate it all together by 2027. The Prime Minister has also established a high-level Rough Sleeping and Homelessness Taskforce supported by an expert Rough Sleeping Advisory Panel. 

The Homeless Reduction Act has been described as one of the major pieces of homelessness legislation in the past 15 years by Shelter. Previously a person is defined as being threatened with homelessness if it is likely that they will become homeless within 28 days. The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 increases the number of days from 28 to 56, including those who have been served with a with a legal (Section 21) notice by their landlord notifying the tenant that possession of the private sector property is required. A period in which to negotiate with a landlord once the s21 notice has been issued is vital to prevent homelessness and find alternative options.

Much of the recent attention to homelessness is in response to the ongoing rise in the most visible form of homelessness - rough sleeping - with the officially estimated national total now up by 169 per cent since 2010. The more robust statistics collected by the CHAIN system show rough sleeping in London has more than doubled since 2010, with the overall figure having reduced slightly since 2015. This decrease is mostly due to a sharp reduction in rough sleepers from Central and East European and other non-UK origin.

The public consultation seeks responses to our draft strategy that sets out the work we are undertaking.

The process

The consultation process includes:

  1. A survey asking for feedback on specific approaches to the key themes in the draft homelessness strategy

    Theme 1 – Prevention of Homelessness
    - Preventing homelessness through advice and compliance with the Homelessness Reduction Act
    - Preventing homelessness by access to Affordable Housing Options

    Theme 2 – Response of services to homeless households and vulnerable people
    - Tackling Rough Sleeping
    - Supporting children, families and young people and vulnerable adults

  2. A draft Homelessness Strategy document

    We would like your feedback on this draft document and whether you think we have captured the right issues or there are other issues we should focus on. 

    - View the draft Homelessness Strategy document
    - View the latest Housing evidence base
    - View the council’s key pages on Housing Options and Homelessness

  3.  Equality Impact Assessment

    A full Equality Impact assessment will be prepared for the final version of the Homelessness Strategy.

    The Full Equality Impact assessment for the 2016 – 21 Housing Strategy was presented to Full Council on the 5 December 2016.

Key dates

The consultation will run from Monday 23 July  2018 till Monday 10 September 2018.

Following consideration of comments, we will seek adoption of the final documents by the Executive Mayor at Cabinet, Autumn 2018.

Get involved

There are various ways to get involved and share your views on the draft strategy


online survey


Email us at housingstrategy@towerhamlets.gov.uk


Write to us at: 

Housing Strategy Team
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG 

If the online questions or the housing strategy outline are unclear or you have issues understanding what we have set out, contact us on 020 7364 0469 or email housingstrategy@towerhamlets.gov.uk for more details.