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Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme: Proposed changes

This consultation has now ended.


Council Tax Reduction is designed to help residents on a low income pay their Council Tax. This is achieved by applying a rebate to Council Tax liability; the level of rebate applied is based on a resident’s income and circumstances.

The council currently supports 27,697 households through its Council Tax Reduction Scheme, with 19,030 households paying no Council Tax and 8,667 paying a reduced proportion. In 2017-18 the council offered support worth £24.7 million to its residents through the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Following a full public consultation in Autumn 2016, the council made several changes to its Council Tax Reduction Scheme with effect from 1 April 2017. These changes were designed to respond to the introduction of Universal Credit and the significant funding reductions imposed by central government. The council has had sufficient time since to review these changes and assess feedback from residents.

As a result, the council now wishes to consult on some potential further changes to improve and enhance the current scheme with effect from 1 April 2019.

The intention is to retain the core features of the current scheme such as:

  • maximum entitlement based on 100 per cent of Council Tax liability
  • applying non-dependant deductions in respect of adults who live in the household other than the charge payer and their partner
  • comparing income to a set of allowances broadly similar to those used to calculate Housing Benefit.


The options set out in survey are mainly limited to refining the changes made in April 2017. They are based on the council’s experience of administering the current scheme and listening to feedback from interested parties including residents and their representatives.

The options are not mutually exclusive and all can be considered independently of each other.  Where we are able to estimate a cost, this has been included.

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