A new Local Plan

Managing Growth and Sharing the Benefits

We are in the process of finalising the new Local Plan which, once adopted, will be the key strategic document to guide and manage development in the borough until 2031.

The next stage of the Local Plan process - known as regulation 19 consultation - is due to commence from October 2017 when you will have an opportunity to  make representations and influence the final version of the Local Plan.

The Local Plan is being updated to reflect the comments raised in  the previous consultations (see below) and the latest findings from the evidence base. 

The following documents have been prepared since the previous consultation to ensure that Local Plan policies are up-to-date and based on robust evidence.

We will be organising workshops ahead of the next stage to provide further information on how to submit your comments on the Local Plan. At the next stage, any comments will need to follow a formal process in responding to the “tests of soundness” and legal requirements set out in government guidance and the regulations.  

If you would be interested in attending these workshops, please email us at localplan@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

Other evidence base documents which have been produced to underpin the Local Plan can be found here:  evidence base documents.

Previous Consultation

Regulation 18 Consultation

We conducted a six-week consultation between 11 November 2016 and 2 January 2017 on ‘Tower Hamlets Draft Local Plan 2031: Managing Growth and Sharing the Benefits’ (regulation 18 document). This document outlined the proposed vision, objectives and planning policies to positively plan and manage development in the borough up to 2031.

The draft Local Plan can be viewed on our consultation portal.

The draft Local Plan and associated documents can be viewed via the link below.

We also produced a short summary booklet which provides a brief overview of the topics contained in the Local Plan.

Initial Consultation

The first stage of public consultation for a new Local Plan ran between 14 December 2015 and 8 February 2016 and sought views on our proposed approach which was set out in “Our Borough, Our Plan: A new Local Plan first steps” consultation document.

You can view previous consultation documents by using the links below:

Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report appendices:

Further Information

You can email the team at localplan@towerhamlets.gov.uk or talk to us by phoning 020 7364 5009. 

If you would like to be kept informed about the new Local Plan and other local planning policy updates, please sign up to our mailing list.