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New children and families strategy

This consultation has now closed


We are proud to share the new draft Children and Families Strategy 2019-2024 for your comments and feedback.

Our ambition for Tower Hamlets is simple:  
Together, we will seize every chance for every child or young person in Tower Hamlets to be healthy, safe and successful.

We believe all agencies and organisations in the borough should make children and young people their priority. In a borough as diverse as ours, there are many areas which the partnership could choose to focus on.

So while we recognise that this strategy does not cover everything which is going on, we also recognise that we stand a greater chance of success if we select and champion a few key priorities.

There is valuable work going on in individual organisations and in other partnerships which will impact on children and families which should continue but falls outside of other three priorities.

We arrived at our strategic direction through discussion with professionals and the local community, from nursery school pupils up to those leaving the care system to understand where we as a local area need to do better.

We have also looked at the data which tells us who is doing well and who would benefit from targeted support. Using all of the insight we had collected the partnership came together to identify the strategic actions which need to happen so that local children and families are supported to live the best lives possible.

Read or download a copy of the Children and Families Strategy 2019-2024 and along with the supporting appendices.