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Frequently asked questions

Why are changes being proposed?

At the moment no decision has been made about changes to the Youth Service. But we want you to help us understand what you think our priorities should be in the Youth Service as in the future we may have to make some difficult decisions about which services to deliver.

Will my youth centre close or be moved?

In order to make budget savings we may have to more or close youth centres but at the moment nothing has been planned. If we do need to close or move a youth centre then we will consult with you so that we get to hear your thoughts.

Will services be reduced?

These are challenging times for the Council wand £59 million of savings will have to be made over the next 3 years.  The Youth Service will have to make savings but we will consult with you about our plans and we will work with you to identify priorities for the service so that the parts of the service that you value the most are kept.

What will happen next?

A report will be written that will go to Cabinet early in 2017 which will set out the Youth Service’s new priorities and a plan to transform the service to deliver these.