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Private tenants' charter consultation

This consultation closed on 1 May 2017

The private rented sector now provides a home to more people in Tower Hamlets than any other kind of housing.  Whilst many privately rented homes are high quality and well managed, too many are not. The Mayor is committed to ensuring that every privately rented home in the borough provides a decent standard of accommodation.

We want to work with tenants, good landlords and other interested parties to develop a clear statement setting out what every private renter in Tower Hamlets can expect from their home, their landlord, and the council – a Tower Hamlets Private Tenants’ Charter.

We can’t do this - or develop other ideas for improving private rented housing - without your views and ideas. It’s really important we hear your experiences of renting in the private sector so that we can ensure that everyone is able to live in a safe and secure home.