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Public health savings consultation

The purpose of public health is to help people in the borough lead healthier lives. The council commissions and delivers a range of services to promote health and wellbeing including stop smoking, obesity, drugs and alcohol, sexual health, early years and school health services. To find out more about the work the Public Health grant pays for, download the public health programme summary.

Responsibility for public health in Tower Hamlets transferred to the council in 2013 and the council receives a Public Health Grant from the Department of Health to support the public health work it does.

In 2015 as part of the government`s spending reductions programme the Department of Health announced a series of reductions to the public health grant which would take effect between 2015 and 2020. This reduces the level of funding that the council has available to spend on public health.

The council is now considering how it can reduce the level of expenditure on the public health services it pays for so that there is not an overspend which would impact on other services the council provides.

The current consultation is to find out what residents and other stakeholders think about the cost reductions that the council is proposing.

You can find out more about the background to the savings proposals by following this link to a summary of the report that was discussed at the Cabinet in May 2016.

You can access each of the savings proposals where you can give your feedback:

This consultation will run from 20 May to 16 June which is the deadline for responses. The council will then consider all the feedback received and the views expressed will be reported back to the Mayor.

The Mayor and Cabinet are expected to make a final decision on savings to be implemented on 26 July.