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Reprocurement of Health Visiting and Family Nurse Partnership services

The Public Health Division are reprocuring the Tower Hamlets Health Visiting Service and Family Nurse Partnership (FNP). The new contract for delivery of these Public Health Services (0-5) will begin in April 2019.

The Health Visiting Service is a workforce of specialist community public health nurses who provide expert advice, support and interventions to families with children in the first five years of life. They aim to support and empower parents to make decisions that positively influence their family’s future health and wellbeing.

FNP is an evidence-based, preventive public health home visiting programme for vulnerable first time young mothers aged 19 and under. Structured home visits, delivered by specially trained family nurses, are offered from early pregnancy until the child is two.

We as a council are receiving less funding from central government through specific and general grants and the Public Health grant. As a result, we need to make savings across many of our services. While it is our priority to protect the public health investment in maternity and early years as far as possible despite reductions in central government funding, savings of 4 per cent of the value of these services need to be made to help us achieve our savings targets.

We are working with our partners to ensure these savings do not impact on delivery of services or outcomes for children and families.

A number of opportunities have come from the courses current contracts that will influence the future delivery of this programme and help mitigate the effect of the savings required: 

  1. funding obtained from Tower Hamlets Together will enable the “Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting Programme” (MECSH) to be delivered by the Health Visiting Service, providing more support for families who need it most
  2. multiagency training has been provided for frontline staff across a number of themes including how to support strong infant-parent relationships and strengthen emotional health and wellbeing in the early years
  3. the Tower Hamlets Child and Family Weight Management Service has ended, and we are investing additional funding in the Health Visiting Service in order to provide additional healthy nutrition advice and support to organisations and families across Tower Hamlets.
  4. the Tower Hamlets FNP is taking part in a pilot that will build capacity and skills to provide additional support for women exposed to intimate partner violence during pregnancy and the first two years of life. 

We are consulting with residents on these changes. The consultation will run from the 18 July until the 17 August 2018.


There are two consultation events for staff and residents to find out more about the proposals and raise any questions they may have. 

The events will be held at the following venues

  • 8 August 2018, 1-2.30pm
    Chrisp Street Idea Store
    1 Vesey Path
    E14 6BT

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