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SEND Capital Funds consultation

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has been offered as much as £6 million from the government's Capital Fund for the benefit of children and young people with SEND. This funding will be allocated to building projects during 2019 -2021 to improve the quality and range of provision,  for children and young people with an education, health and care (EHC) plan, aged 0 to 25.

To receive this money we need to develop a list of projects with partners, especially schools, and ask parents and carers for views. In Tower Hamlets we want our list of projects to support the new SEND Strategy and;

  • Help with the increasing demand for special school places, or
  • Extend and improve opportunities for independence and employment for young people with an EHC plan, or
  • Improve leisure and social opportunities for those with an EHC plan.

SEND Strategy

There are increasing numbers of children with complex SEND in Tower Hamlets. The new strategy includes commitments:

  • To ensure sufficient school places for children and young people with SEND are sustained (p16);
  • To increase the opportunities for supported internships and supported employment (p30);
  • To increase opportunities for independence including in leisure facilities and parks (p28).


These funds are for:

  • new buildings (e.g. classrooms or a washroom)
  • changes to buildings (e.g. extending a room or sound-deadening)
  • new equipment that is fixed to a building (e.g. a hoist to help changing a child).

The survey asks your views about where we are thinking of putting this money to use.

This survey is now closed.