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The London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme Stakeholder Communication Survey

This consultation has now ended



The London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme (LSCTP) was established in November 2016, with the aim of supporting London boroughs to transform and improve the way their residents access stop smoking support, with the potential to deliver savings to participating local authorities and improved outcomes for residents.

The scope of the Programme was to seek to offer boroughs innovative service options in alternative channels (digital, online, telephone) and which could be delivered once across London, to complement locally-determined services such as face to face models.

Stop Smoking London is the public facing identity of the Programme and has three core components:

  1. A London wide marketing and communications campaign, designed to encourage London Smokers to engage with both local and regional support in order to set a quit date and start their supported stop smoking journey.
  2. The new Stop Smoking London website, which directs people in to local services, self-help resources or telephone support.  It also includes the option to request a call back from local Stop Smoking Services. 
  3. Stop Smoking London helpline, callers speak to an advisors, who talks through the various options and helps decide what might work best for the caller. 

If eligible, callers are offered the opportunity to be called back by a specialist advisor offering regular one-to-one stop smoking support and encouragement over the phone at a time that suits the caller over their 28 day quit journey.

More information about the LSCTP journey and ambition is available on the ADPH London website.


The LSCTP want to build and maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders so that together we deliver the best outcomes for local people, with the ultimate aim of a smoke free London.

A critical element for the success of the Programme is how we communicate with our stakeholders. We would therefore appreciate it if you would please take the time to complete this survey (which should take you no more than 10 minutes) to let us know how we are doing. This survey will close on 25 March.

This survey has been developed to find out how you currently get information about the Programme, and to test the existing communication channels that we use. Your views are very important to us and will help to shape the future of communications that you receive.

If you have any questions about this survey please contact:
Carla Naidoo, Stakeholder Communications, LSCTP   Carla.naidoo@towerhamlets.gov.uk