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Cable Street traffic changes

The council carried out a Preliminary consultation with the public about making changes to traffic movements in and around Cable Street.

Download a copy of the proposed changes in detail.

The proposed changes are designed to alleviate the number of vehicles cutting through Cable Street to avoid congestion on The Highway and to improve cycling routes.

There are a number of vehicles using Brodlove Lane and Cable Street as a ‘rat run’ to travel from The Highway to Butcher Row.

The changes to be considered by the public include one-way parts of Cable Street.

It is also proposed that a number of measures be introduced to make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

A new bus lane will be created on a short section of Cable Street between Sutton Street and Watney Street. This will be supported by the closure of the north end of King David Lane to all motor vehicles.

The changes will see a significant reduction in the amount and speeds of traffic using Cable Street and surrounding roads.

In preliminary consultation with businesses and residents, the council was told cyclists are uncomfortable using the narrow two-way cycle lane.

The council proposes the cycle lane be widened for cyclists travelling against the traffic, with cyclists travelling the other way joining the main flow of reduced traffic.

The area between Shadwell Overground and DLR stations and Sutton Street will be completely redesigned to ensure priority for pedestrians.

The proposals will also see the introduction of pocket parks and improved community spaces to make the area look and feel more attractive.

To make any comments or suggestions with regard to the road layout in the Cable Street area or the council’s proposals, email: cycling@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

This Preliminary consultation period closed on 14 March 2016.