The children's travel assistance policy consultation

The children's travel assistance policy consultation is now closed.

Thank you to all who took part in the consultation. We received a total of 223 responses which were broadly supportive of the new policy. A full report on the feedback received and our responses can be found here.

The policy received Cabinet approval in June 2012 and takes effect immediately.

The revised policy itself is not significantly different to the previous one, but instead focuses on delivering a more bespoke and flexible service primarily based on a child's individual needs. The policy introduces a range of different ways in which help with travelling to school can be provided and sets out how the council will decide which type of help to offer.

The council’s aim is to continue the shift towards promoting independence whilst ensuring that its resources are used effectively and efficiently, and focused on the needs of the pupil.

All new home-to-school travel applications are being processed according to the revised policy and existing service users will have their travel assistance reviewed annually.

Please see the following links for the relevant documents:

For more information please contact:

SEN Application forms

Evelyn William
Tel: 020 7364 6434

Lorraine  Ashdown
Tel:   020 7364 4397

Admissions Application forms

Rehanaz Begum
Tel:  020 7364 1927

Ali Akbar
Tel:  020 7364 4435