Forward plan archive

New style forward plans

Following changes to the Key Decision regulations, a new style of forward plan has been developed and is available on the new forward plan webpage. This page will be kept as an archive for the present time.

17 September, 2012

All local authorities must publish a forward plan containing details of all key decisions to be taken.

Within Tower Hamlets all key decisions are taken collectively in open session at a meeting of the Cabinet, unless the matters contain 'exempt' or 'confidential' information as defined within the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985.

Our Forward Plan contains details of what the decision to be taken is, when it will be taken, who will be taking it and how they can be contacted.  It also lists the relevant reports and background papers and says how the decision-maker plans to involve local stakeholders in the decision. The Forward Plan explains how people can make representations to the decision-makers.

The council has decided that the Forward Plan should give details of items of business which the Cabinet intends to consider over the period of the plan, where this forms part of the policy framework or where they will be making recommendations to the full council on any matter.

A new forward plan is produced every month with any outstanding matters contained in previous plans included in the latest one.

The Forward Plan is also available in libraries, Idea Stores, One Stop Shops, and council offices.

Comments may be sent to the report authors or Cabinet Lead Members by writing to:

c/o Town Hall
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
London E14 2BG