Council tax discount

Some people may be eligible for a council tax discount such as:

Single person discount

The full council tax bill assumes that there are two adults living in your home. If only one adult lives in their main home the council tax bill will be reduced by a quarter (25 per cent).

Review of Council Tax Discounts

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is continuing to review the circumstances of residents who are claiming the council tax discount available to adults who live alone.

Residents in households in receipt of a discount may receive a letter asking them to provide information about their circumstances. This information will be used to verify that discounts are awarded to the appropriate people.

This exercise is being conducted on the Council’s behalf by Civica plc and residents will therefore be asked to return completed review forms to an address in Pershore. Any telephone enquiries should be directed to the contact telephone number advised on the review letter.

Annexe discount

A discount of 50 per cent is available for annexes that are occupied by a family member. For more information contact the council tax team.

Local council tax discounts and exemptions

  • Unoccupied and unfurnished property. A discount of 100 per cent is available for a maximum period of one month. Please note that this discount relates to the property as a whole regardless of any change in ownership. Therefore any new owner will only be entitled to a discount for the balance of the one month period not already claimed by the previous owner 
  • Uninhabitable property. There is no discount specifically for uninhabitable properties. However any property that is both unoccupied and unfurnished will qualify for a 100 per cent discount for one month as detailed above
  • Property that is both unoccupied and unfurnished long term. The full Council Tax charge applies after one month and a 50 per cent levy will be added to those which have been continuously vacant for two years or more. If this levy is shown on your Council Tax bill and you believe your property does not fit these criteria, please contact the council tax team immediately
  • Second homes and other properties that are furnished but unoccupied are charged at the full rate.

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