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Energy Grant rebate

The grant aims to support households with increased home energy costs following the recent surge.

The announcement confirms that most households in properties with a Council Tax bands A to D will be receiving a one-off energy rebate payment of £150 to support with the rising energy costs.

The £150 rebate is not a Council Tax payment, but a grant payment administered by the council and paid on behalf of central government. Therefore, you still have a legal requirement to pay your Council Tax instalments as and when they become due.

Received your invitation letter

If you have received an invitation letter or email to apply please complete the rebate scheme application form.

Complete the rebate scheme application form.

Am I eligible for the £150 payment?

You are eligible if:

  • your home is in council tax bands A to D, and
  • it was your sole or main residence on 1 April 2022 and
  • you are liable for council tax, or would be if your property were not exempt

If you pay less than £150 council tax, or you receive single person discount, or do not pay because you receive council tax support, you will still be entitled to the payment.

The payment will not be made for empty or second homes, or to non-resident landlords.

I pay my council tax by direct debit

You don’t need to do anything. We will pay £150 into your bank account. Your bank account statement will show this payment as ‘LBTH Council Tax’. 

What if I don't receive my payment and I pay by direct debit?

If you pay by direct debit but don’t receive a payment into your bank acount, this is because we were unable to match your bank details with the information on your council tax account.

If you are registered for e-billing, we will email you with details on what to do. If we do not have your email address, we will send a letter with all the information you need. You have 28 days to respond.

If we do not hear from you, we will credit £150 to your council tax account instead.

If you receive the £150 Energy Rebate Grant that you are not entitled to, you must return the payment immediately. We will put measures in place to recover the payment if you fail to do so.

I don't pay my council tax by direct debit or I am exempt from paying council tax

We will contact you by email or post to claim your payment by completing our online Energy Rebate Grant form. We will ONLY contact you by email if we have your email address on file.

The email will come from counciltax.energyrebate@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

We will only send a letter if we do not have your email address. Use your online account to check your contact details are up-to-date. Sign up or access your account now.

The letter or email will include

  • a claim reference
  • further details of the claim process
  • the information you have to upload

Please wait until you receive your email or letter before trying to claim. We won't progress any claims until we send the invitations.

The form will ask for your bank details so we can pay you through the BACs banking system. No payments will be issued by cash or cheque.

If you don’t claim the grant within 28 days of our initial contact, we will credit £150 to your council tax account instead. You do not need to contact us for this to happen.

The government does not allow the council to credit your council tax account in the first instance. This is why we are encouraging online applications from qualifying householders.

I do not qualify for the £150. Can I still get help?

We will pay you a Discretionary Energy Rebate of £150 if your property is too large to qualify and

  • you are in receipt of local council tax support
  • if you pay by direct debit, you will be paid automatically into your bank account
  • if you pay by another method, we will invite you to apply by completing our online Energy Grant Rebate form.

There will be a further discretionary top up award of £67 per household aimed at those residents in Bands A-H who are in receipt of local council tax support.

This award will be rolled out after the mandatory awards have been completed. Please check this page for any updates on this grant.

The discretionary fund is a limited grant. Once this money has been awarded and funding is no longer available, the scheme will end.

I would like my council tax band to be reviewed

The government has decided that any review, proposal or appeal made to the Valuation Office Agency on or after 3 February 2022 will not result in a £150 payment, even if the council tax band is reduced to band D or lower.

We advise you not to contact the Valuation Office Agency to enquire about a band review, proposal, or challenge specifically in order to become eligible for the £150.

Beware of scams or bogus callers

We are asking our residents to be aware of scam callers and not to share their bank details in order to receive £150 payment. Please do not give your bank details to anyone claiming to be from the council. We will never contact you to ask for your bank details by phone, text or email.

The most updated information about the rebate grant can be found on the government’s website. This includes the Gov.uk factsheet which outlines a number of answers to frequently asked questions about the council tax rebate.

Check your Council Tax band

If you would like to know what band your home is in you can visit Gov.uk - Check your Council Tax Band page.

How the payment will be made

The quickest way to receive your £150 if you pay Council Tax is by direct debit. If you currently are not paying by direct debit you can sign up for online access to your account.

Direct Debit payers Bands A - D

If you currently pay by direct debit you do not need to do anything as we will automatically issue the payment direct to your bank account, unless the direct debit payer has a different name to the householder. In this instance we will contact you.

Empty properties and second homes are not eligible for the grant.

Non-direct debit payers Bands A -D

If you do not pay your Council Tax by direct debit we will send you an email or SMS inviting you to claim your £150 payment. Your bank details will be required at this stage.

Empty properties and second homes are not eligible for the grant.

Council Tax Bands E – H

Local Council Tax Support claimants, in Bands E – H, will receive the £150 Energy Rebate Grant and we will contact you, by email or SMS, for your bank details to enable the payment to be made.

Home Upgrade Grant

The Government has also announced further help is available as part of the Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) which will see household energy bills reduced by up to £200. This will be paid automatically to your energy supplier over the next 5 years.

Additional support available

  • Council Tax Reduction - if you are struggling to pay your council tax bill you may be eligible to claim a Council Tax Reduction.
  • Discretionary Housing Payment -If you are struggling with rent or housing costs you may be eligible to claim a Discretionary Housing Payment.
  • The Residents' Support Scheme is designed to help residents who are either in or at risk of being in crisis or are in need of immediate help and have no source of financial support available to them.
  • Welfare benefits and debt advice - if you would like to speak to someone about any welfare support you may be entitled to or are looking for debt advice, the Tower Hamlets ‘worrying about money’ leaflet can direct you to support services that can help.