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Contact details for all customer-facing departments


Council Services

Council Services, Council Hotline

Council constitution

Constitution Includes the Constitution and the summary

Council Constitution

How the Council Works

Council democratic structure


Council Structure

Council directorate structure

Information about the internal structures of the offices of the council, including an outline of their responsibilities and the names of the directors. Staffing structure of the directorates and departments should be included.

Organisational Structure, Directorate structure

The essentials are names, positions on the council and how they can be contacted.

Currently elected councillors’ information and contact details



Location and opening times of council properties


Council Services


Most recent election results

The results of the most recent elections for councillors on the council should be available. Councils may also wish to include the results of other elections conducted in the area.

Elections and Votings

Relationships with other authorities

It will assist members of the public to appreciate the role of a local authority if the respective roles of different local authorities are explained, partnership arrangements with other authorities are detailed

Relationships with other authorities-external-bodies-appointments

Relationships with other authorities-external-bodies – appointments General Purposes Committee doc

Relationships with other authorities-external-bodies – appointments London councils doc