Information about councillors

Councillor surgeries

Councillor advice surgeries are available to the public who want to obtain information and advice, make a complaint or enquire about council services.

Councillors surgeries are held in each ward.  For specific surgery details select your ward Councillor or the Councillor you wish to see.

Code of Conduct for Members and declaration of interests

The Code of Conduct forms part of the council’s constitution and sets out the standards of behaviour expected of all members of the authority. The Code also contains the requirements for members to register and declare interests and gifts and hospitality.

Registered and declared interests are included in the individual information for the Mayor and each councillor on the website. The council keeps the originals of these documents at the Town Hall. For further information contact the Monitoring Officer’s office on 020 7364 4800.

The Mayor, councillors and co-opted members of the authority are required to comply with the Code of Conduct whenever they are carrying out council business.

The council has agreed arrangements for dealing with complaints of alleged breach of the Code which are included as appendix A to the Members Code of Conduct (Which is set out in Part C of the Council’s Constitution). These complaints are dealt with by the council’s Monitoring Officer and the Standards (Advisory) Committee.

If you wish to complain that the Mayor, a councillor or a co-opted member has failed to comply with the Code of Conduct complete the conduct complaint form

We can make reasonable adjustments to assist you if you have a disability that prevents you from completing the online form. Please let us know if this is the case by emailing or telephone the Monitoring Officer’s office on 020 7364 4800.

Councillors' allowances

Councillors of Tower Hamlets council receive allowances in respect of their council duties as follows:

  • A basic allowance is paid to each councillor.
  • In addition a special responsibility allowance is paid to those councillors who hold a position of special responsibility within the council.  Any councillor who holds more than one position of special responsibility shall receive only one special responsibility allowance which shall be at the higher level.
  • A dependants’ carers’ allowance may be paid to those councillors who necessarily incur expense in arranging for the care of their children or other dependants to enable them to undertake their council duties.
  • A travel and subsistence allowance may be paid where a councillor has to undertake council duties outside the borough.
  • A co-opted member of the Standards Committee or the Overview and Scrutiny Committee may claim a co-optee’s allowance for attendance at any meeting of the committee or the panel or attendance at any conference or training event, where attendance is on behalf of and authorised by the council.

Councillors' committee membership

A committee is a group of councillors chosen by the council to make decisions about an area of service, such as Planning or Licensing and Appeals.  Councillors appointed to serve on Committees reflect the overall political make-up of the council.  The council decides the size of committees and appoints the Chair. Committees set the objectives and policy for their service and oversee their implementation by the officers.

View the Tower Hamlets committee structure.