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Suggested Lessons for Secondary

These lessons are not designed to tell students what to think, they are simply designed to get them thinking. Please amend the lessons as you see fit. You are encouraged to add/remove slides at your discretion to make the lessons more relevant to your students. Teacher notes can be found in the comments section of the PowerPoint.

By the end of these lessons you should be able to:

  • Explain how conspiracy theories work
  • Explain how conspiracy theories have similarities to extremist narratives.


conspiracyRemember the keywords:

Conspiracy theories, extremism, extremist narrative, evidence and scrutiny.

Please ensure you are familiar and confident with the lesson prior to teaching the unit. Only teach lessons you feel comfortable delivering and know will be beneficial to your students.

Please open the documents to access the power point presentations:

For more information please contact Thomas Llewellyn-Jones at Thomas.Llewellyn-Jones@towerhamlets.gov.uk