Children's Centres

On this page you will find information on:

  1. Vision

  2. Core purpose

  3. Video interaction guidance (VIG)

  4. List of Children's Centres

  5. How to contact the Family Information Service


The vision of the Tower Hamlets children’s centre service is to give every child in Tower Hamlets has the best possible start in life through reducing inequality and improving outcomes. The centres' provide opportunities for children and their families to be safe, healthy and happy so that they are able to reach their full potential in life. 

"Our East End" is the council's quarterly magazine and is delivered, free of charge, to more than 120,000 homes and businesses. The magazine showcased a "children take centre stage" article on Children's Centres within the Tower Hamlets Borough. The article can be found on pages 14 to 16 on issue two which was published in September 2016. 

Copies of the magazine are also available in all Tower Hamlets based libraries, One Stop Shops and Idea Stores, while an online version of the magazine is also available for all residents to access.

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Core purpose

The core purpose of Tower Hamlets children’s centre service is to improve outcomes for all young children and their families, as well as reduce inequalities between the most disadvantaged children and others through early intervention and holistic support. This is guided by the Sure Start children’s centres statutory guidance and will be achieved through the following targets:

  1. Child development and school readiness, which will enable children to become confident and curious learners by providing early learning opportunities:

    • Through universal and targeted stay and play sessions.
    • Providing support to access free child care entitlements.
    • Working in partnership with schools and other providers.
  2. Raising aspirations and improving parenting skills, which will support parents to give their child the best possible start to life by providing:

    • Family support.
    • Evidence-based parenting programmes.
    • Specialist programmes and targeted services for parents.
    • Reducing inequalities through supporting parents to improve economic wellbeing.
  3. Reducing health inequalities by improving health and life chances and ensuring that children are safeguarded by supporting parents to access:

    • A range of health services.
    • Family support.
    • Advice and support on public health outcomes.
    • Partnership with the community and stakeholders.

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Video interaction guidance (VIG)

Video interaction guidance (VIG) is offered through all the children’s centres within Tower Hamlets. It can help improve relationships and communication between parents/carers and their children by taking video footage of interactions and looking for the times when things are working well and then thinking about what is making it so successful.

If you want to know more, please speak to one of the Family Support team at your local centre. You can also find out more at

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List of Children's Centres

For more information about activities and other services available at each centre, please refer to the centre of your choice using the informatin found below:

Around Poplar1 Around Poplar CC

115 Three Colt Street,


E14 8AP

Telephone: 020 7364 0540

 Download activity timetable



Chrisp Street2 Chrisp street CC

23 – 27 Market Way, 


E14 6AH

Telephone: 020 7364 2856


Download activity timetable 

Collingwood3 Collingwood CC

St Bartholomew Gardens, 

Buckhurst Street,


E1 5QT

Telephone: 020 7364 0539 

Download activity timetable 


Isle of Dogs4 Isle of Dogs CC

Millwall Park,

Stebondale Street,


E14 3BX

Telephone: 020 7364 1179

 Download activity timetable

John Smith5 John Smith CC

90 Stepney Way, 


E1 2EN

Telephone: 020 7364 0537

Download activity timetable 

Marner6 Marner CC

Marner Centre, 

Devas Street,


E3 3LL

Telephone: 020 7364 3534 

 Download activity timetable

Meath Gardens7 Meath Gardens CC

1 Smart Street,


E2 0SN

Telephone: 020 7364 0349  

Download activity timetable

Mile End8 Mile End CC

9 Bede Square, Joseph Street, 

Off Bow Common Lane,


E3 4GY

Telephone: 020 7364 7557

Download activity timetable

Mowlem9 Mowlem CC

Wadeson Street,


E2 9DL

Telephone: 020 7364 7935


Download activity timetable

Ocean10 Ocean CC

Whitehorse Road, 


E1 0ND

Telephone: 020 7364 0544

Download activity timetable

Overland11 Overland

60 Parnell Road,



E3 2RU

Telephone: 020 7364 1925


Download activity timetable

Wapping12 Wapping Bigland street

15 Richard Street,


E1 2JP

Telephone: 020 7364 6004

Download activity timetable

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Family Information Service

Tower Hamlets Family Information Service (FIS) provides free and impartial, information and advice on childcare as well as general information on a wide range of services for children, young people, parents and families.

The service runs a telephone helpline and drop-in service on Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. For more information you can get in touch by contacting the FIS on 020 7364 6495 or by email at

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