Coronavirus, early years and childcare

To prevent the spread of coronavirus and in order to follow government guidelines, families should only attend a Children’s centre if they have been invited to do so.

Childcare during coronavirus

If you are a key worker or you have a vulnerable child, you can apply for childcare 

The department for education has clear information for childcare settings that remain open for key workers and vulnerable children.

Children's centres to remain open during lockdown

All 12 Children’s Centres in Tower Hamlets will remain open throughout lockdown for vulnerable children. Health and safety remains our top priority - for staff, families and the community. We have adapted our services to be ‘Covid-secure’ and we will continue to offer:

- Health appointments

- Early learning for two-year-olds

- Face-to-face support for vulnerable, and newly vulnerable, parents 

We will be following the latest government guidance, which means our timetables and services are subject to change.

Please phone your local children's centre before you visit to make an appointment and find out the latest information.

Training sessions 

We have resumed some first aid and safeguarding courses and adult education courses.

Thank you

We would like to express our gratitude to all early education and childcare settings and childminders who have continued throughout COVID to offer Tower Hamlets children a wonderful, safe, caring and stimulating time. Thank you!

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Two Year Old Integrated Review

IR leaflet cover imageInformation you can find on this page:

  1. What is the Two Year Old Integrated Review?

  2. What are the benefits of the review?

  3. What happens?

What is the Two Year Old Integrated Review?

The Two Year Old Integrated Review brings together the Early Years Foundation Stage progress check at age two to three and the Healthy Child Programme health and development review at age two to two and a half.


What are the benefits of the review?

The Two Year Old Integrated Review is a valuable opportunity to reflect on how a child is progressing and how to support their future development. Parents know their child best and the information they share is very important. The local Health Visiting team and early years practitioners (early years setting staff, childminder or Children Centre staff) work together with parents to gain a clear picture of child’s progress and identify any needs.

The joint discussion is an opportunity to look at child’s progress, strengths and anything needed to support the child’s health, wellbeing, learning and behaviour.

Early intervention has a significant impact on the outcomes for children and is the start of the process that leads towards school readiness.

It is also an opportunity to discuss with the Health Visiting team, how to keep the child and family healthy.


What happens?

When a child is between 24 and 30 months, the family receive a letter from the Health Visiting team inviting them to attend the review with their child.

Along with this letter the family receive an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3) to complete and bring to the review meeting. The questionnaire is an opportunity to find out how the child carries out activities in different developmental areas.

At the review session there will be a range of play activities for the child to enjoy.

If a child attends an early years setting the review should take place there. If not, the family will be invited to a review at a Children’s Centre.

If you would like any further information please contact the Children’s Centre, early years setting or Health Visiting team.

You can find information on children’s learning and development

For information on free places and Early Learning for Two Year Olds, Children’s Centres and early years settings please contact the Family Information Service.

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