COVID-19 February Scheme Update:

Following government guidance our February scheme is only open to children of critical workers and vulnerable children, with a reduced capacity. Our priority is to ensure that children and staff at the scheme are kept safe and we reduce risks as much as possible.

Before you book

Before booking please check the government's critical worker list to make sure you are eligible. Only book if you are unable to keep your children at home. Follow all steps on our booking system.  Failure to send evidence of critical worker status will result in your place being cancelled and the £10 cancellation charge being applied without notice.


Our web page will be kept up to date with any changes. Please only send the team queries via email to help us support as many parents and carers as possible. Please do not call.

We appreciate your patience at this difficult time.

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Holiday Childcare Scheme activity plan


We provide good quality, safe, inclusive activities for children who attend. Please see our activity plans for the October scheme:

Early years (3 - 5 years)

This week's theme: Stick Man-by Julia Donaldson
 Areas Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Creativity Zone

Enjoy making stick man’s treehouse from collage

Finger paint Stick man’s family

Creating your very own stick man 

Making a treehouse for woodland animals

Fancy dress day

Create your own costume

Fitness Zone

Capture the flag

Bikes and cars

Mini Zumba

Bikes and cars

Mini trike races

Bikes and cars

Parachute games

Bikes and cars

Mini basketball

Bikes and cars

Outdoor Adventure Zone

What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

Pass the beanbag race

Stick scavenger hunt in pairs

Hide and seek

Collect leaves and make crayon rubbings

Variety Zone

Collect sticks and leaves and make a crown/bangle

Botley the Robot activity fun

In groups, make a storyboard about a forest adventure using iPads

Ladybird spots and bud’s number garden: counting, matching and ordering games

In groups, act out a scene where Stick Man meets a new animal or person


Download the early years activity plan

Children (6 - 13 years)

Space themed activities
 Areas Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Creativity Zone

Junk model a rocket ship

Make a star and moon mobile

Paint an alien and give them a name and backstory

Make a galaxy group collage featuring stars and planets

Space-themed fancy dress up e.g. astronaut, alien, stars

Fitness Zone

Beanbag obstacle race

Saturn ring toss

Freeze music dance

Four Squares

Mini circuit training

Outdoor Adventure Zone




Hide and Seek


Variety Zone

NASA games and activities

In groups perform a play where you all discover a new planet

Using cardboard make a Saturn ring to throw as a frisbee

In groups write and perform a song or rap about exploring space

Make surprise folding drawings

Virtual trips

The Metropolitan Museum of Art for kids

Legoland Florida

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Cincinnati Zoo: Lin the red panda

Virtual Field Trip: NASA


Download activity plan