Building control

The building control service is responsible for ensuring that all building work carried out within the borough complies with building regulations. We deal with the construction of new buildings, change of use, alteration or conversion of existing buildings. We make sure that builings are designed and constructed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in and around buildings. This is done by determining applications, after consultation with the fire authority where appropriate, within statutory time limits and inspecting the building work on site. The building control service also imposes conditions to preserve public safety and amenity in respect of demolition works and provides a 24/7 response to reports of alleged dangerous structures or buildings, acting to remove immediate danger where required.

Examples of building work requiring statutory approval:

  • construction of new buildings
  • conversions of existing buildings – i.e. loft, garage or basement conversions
  • extensions
  • internal alterations
  • demolitions
  • re-roofing
  • drainage works
  • electrical work
  • heating – i.e. replacing boiler
  • replacement windows.

Note; some building work, associated with electrical, gas or solid fuel burning appliances (Boilers/Fires), window/door installations can obtain approval through persons registered with self-certification organisations.

Before you start building work, you or your agent (i.e. architect, builder, surveyor and engineer) must notify the council either by submitting a full plans or building notice for building regulations approval.

Making an application

If you are having any building work done, you will need to ensure that the council is properly notified by using suitable forms. Application forms are available here.

The Local Authority Building Control website contains detailed advice, text/video information on obtaining building regulations approval.

We can provide expert advice on:

  • building regulations
  • fire safety
  • pre-application advice
  • whether you need building control approval
  • what additional information you need to give us
  • what application form(s) you need to fill in
  • what charges you will need to pay.


In addition, you may need to notify the Health & Safety Executive (HSE); you may have other duties as well. Find out more on the HSE website

Further information

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