Stray animals

Reclaiming a stray dog

An owner can reclaim an impounded dog from the council after paying the fee of £55 plus £15 per night boarding fee plus any veterinary expenses incurred. Payments may be made by credit or debit card by telephoning 020 7364 5008 between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. The same can be used for information on how to pay by cash.

Impounded dogs are held for seven days before being sold, re-homed or destroyed.

Report a stray dog

Anyone wishing to report a stray dog out on its own in Tower Hamlets between 9am and 5pm should call 020 7364 5000. The report will be passed to a dog warden who will try to attend the location immediately to pick up the dog. Anyone finding a dog, even if they wish to keep it, should report it to the dog warden service on the same number.

Since April 2008 the finder of a stray dog can no longer hand the dog in at a police station. Accepting found dogs is now the council’s responsibility.

Any resident of Tower Hamlets who finds a stray dog in the borough and wishes to bring it to the Animal Warden Service out of office hours - that's after 5pm Monday to Friday and anytime at weekends - should telephone 020 7364 5000. 

Report a lost animal