Food waste collections

Food waste accounts for about half the weight of household rubbish in Tower Hamlets. When food waste is deposited in landfill it rots and emits large amounts of methane, a major contributor to climate change. To help you reduce the environmental impact of food waste in landfill, we have provide a food waste collection service for 30,000 households in the borough.

The service covers all street level properties and most blocks of flats managed by Poplar Harca and Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH).

Where and when we collect

To find out if your property is included in the food waste collection service, please open the relevant document below, type in the name of your road or block of flats into the ‘find’ box and press return. Note that 'DS' means that you have a collection from your doorstep.

If your household is included in the current service you should have a small silver kitchen caddy and compost liners.  Depending on where you live you may bring the food waste down to a communal food waste collection bin located on site or have a larger brown caddy collected from your doorstep.  If food waste is collected from your doorstep please make sure it is out by 7am and is clearly visible to the collection crews. 

We can collect any raw or cooked food waste including:

Food waste

Unfortunately we cannot take:

  • Oil, fats or liquids
  • Any type of plastic carrier bag
  • Tea Bags (only tea leaves)
  • Any packaging – even that marked 'compostable' or biodegradable' – as this takes too long to break down
  • Nappies
  • Other rubbish.

Never put food waste into carrier bags or black sacks. These do not break down and can ruin the compost.

Read more about your service:

Starch liners

Streetline will no longer take requests from residents requesting recycling sacks or food waste liners. If your household was included in the service special corn starch caddy liners, they will no longer be delivered to you.

Recycling bags and starch liners will be made available every Wednesday and Saturday from any Idea Store, Cubitt Town Library and Bethnal Green Library. Residents will be able to collect a roll of recycling/starch liner bags by showing proof of their address such as a utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement or driving licence. 

If you run out of starch liners and you use the food waste recycling service, food can also be placed your caddy wrapped in newspaper.

Disabled residents will be able to arrange a delivery of starch liners by contacting the council on:

Email or call us on 020 7364 5004

Have we missed you?

Your vital communication with the council allows us to maintain and manage our services and our contractor’s performance effectively.

Step 1

Have you reported the missed service on 0207 364 5004, to our contact centre? Your request will be passed on to the contractor.

Step 2

If your requested service has been missed again, please redial 0207 364 5004 to report again. Your call will be logged with a stage 1 priority.

Step 3

If we still continue to miss your required services, please call again on 0207 364 5004. Your call will be allocated a stage 2 priority. This is the highest service level escalation within our procedures where it will be allocated to the contractor as well as trigger of a back office investigation. The investigation ensures penalties are applied where services have failed.

If you have exhausted the above, you can make a complaint.