Recycling and waste at home

40 per cent of the waste we produce can be recycled through the recycling bags and purple recycling bins and we provide a range of other services, including food waste collections, garden waste collections and bulky waste collections, to help make recycling easy.

You really can make a difference by recycling. Recycling  

  • Creates jobs: nationally up to 563,000 new jobs could be created if we all recycle more
  • Reduces waste disposal costs: we would save up to £500,000 a year
  • Helps tackle climate change: paper and other biodegradable items create greenhouse gases when they rot in landfill sites contributing to climate change
  • Saves energy: less energy is used than making items from new e.g. every plastic bottle recycled saves enough energy to power a light bulb for six hours
  • Saves raw materials: by recycling materials we reduce the need for mining materials which create substantial air and water pollution.

right stuff, right bin