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Stop smoking

Why stop?

Using tobacco in any form is very harmful to your health. If you smoke tobacco through a cigarette or shisha you are at increased risk of health problems such as cancer, or heart and respiratory disease. Chewing paan/betel nuts can cause oral cancer and have a significant impact on you health.

Want to stop? You can!

There are lots of ways to stop, from using nicotine replacement therapies or e-cigarettes to free quit tools and expert support from local NHS stop smoking services.

You can put together the support and motivation you need to fit into your lifestyle. Find out about ways to stop and the support available in your neighbourhood at NHS Smoke Free


  • You're four times more likely to stop with advice from your local free stop smoking service
  • On average, people who stop smoking save £250 per month. That's £3,000 of your money that you're currently losing every year!
  • Quiiting is a marathon not a sprint. Take small manageable steps by reducing quantities gradually, rather than cutting out everything from the start.

Act now

The first step is deciding that you want to stop.

Then you can decide what goals you're going to set and what support you'll need to achieve them.

Download the NHS Smoke Free app to set yourself a plan to stop. It provides you with the daily motivation you need to successfully quit, as well as calculating how much money you're saving. 

There's a wide range of support available that can help you to stop smoking. You can find out more by talking to your GP or Pharmacist, looking on the NHS Smoke Free website or contacting either of these specialist support services:

  • The Smokers Clinic provides support to anyone who lives or works in Tower Hamlets. Email smokers-clinic@qmul.ac.uk or phone 0800 169 1943.

  • The BME Stop tobacco project offers a culturally sensitive service and one-to-one support for people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Tower Hamlets who are looking to quit smoking, chewing tobacco or paan. You can receive support at home if you want, and female advisors are available for women.

    Phone 020 7882 8669 (for women) and 020 7882 8660 (for men).