Waste service strike

The waste service strike is now over and we have restarted service from 27 September 2023.

Over the next few weeks, our waste service team and private waste contractors will catch up on missed collections and street cleaning as quickly as possible.

We thank everyone for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience

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Holidays and travel

Being active can help you to stay healthy and independent and taking a short break or holiday is a great way to do so.

Whether it's just a weekend away in Britain or a fortnight abroad, there are lots of websites, services and organisations that can help people with disabilities or limited mobility to travel.

A good place to start is www.tourismforall.org.uk.

You may also find the follow sites helpful

The Association of British Travel Agents has lots of useful advice and tips in its accessible travel guide.

The Good Access Guide
The Good Access Guide is an independent website focussed on accessible travel in Britain

Government Foreign Travel Advice
The UK Government has useful advice for British travellers with disabilities when going abroad. The NI site also has some handy tips which apply no matter which part of the country you're from.

The European Network for Accessible Tourism
ENAT is a good place for advice if you're planning a trip in Europe.

Further information

There are also numerous travel companies that specialise in accessible travel such as www.canbedone.co.uk, specialist travel insurance sites such as allcleartravel.co.uk.