Reablement is a free, short-term support service.

You might have lost your confidence or your ability to do things for yourself because of an accident, ill health, a disability or a stay in hospital. The reablement service can help you to regain your skills or your ability to cope with everyday tasks and help you to live as independently as possible.

Who can get reablement?

You can get reablement if you:

  • are over 18 years old
  • live in Tower Hamlets
  • have recently lost some of your skills, confidence or independence

When you contact us, we'll discuss with your situation with you; the things you need support with and how we can help you to be as independent as possible. This process is called an assessment.

Your assessment will help us to understand your health and social care needs and whether you could benefit from the reablement service.

If reablement isn't right for you, we'll see if we can put you in touch with other community organisations and consider other ways in which we can support you to be more independent.

What kinds of tasks will you support me with?

First of all we'll talk to you and discuss what tasks you need support with. Then we'll make a plan for how you can get better at doing these tasks for yourself. We call this your reablement programme.

Your reablement programme will be tailored to your individual needs. The level of support we provide will change according to the progress you're making towards achieving your goals.

How long can I get support for?

This depends on your individual circumstances and the progress you make towards achieving your goals. However, reablement is usually for a maximum of six weeks. After six weeks, your situation and progress will be reviewed.

What happens if I still need support after reablement?

If you still need ongoing support after reablement, we'll discuss the options with you. In particular, we'll look at whether you'd qualify for ongoing support and how we can help you further.

If you don't qualify for ongoing support, we'll see if we can put you in touch with other community organisations that can help.

For more information about reablement, download the Reablement booklet.

If you think you might need reablement, please complete a self-assessment.

Care Quality Commission

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The public has a right to know how care and support services are performing. The ratings are designed to improve transparency by providing people who use the services, and the public, with a clear statement about the quality and safety of care and support provided.

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