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Someone to speak on my behalf

The council has commissioned a one stop service for information, advice and advocacy for adults with support needs. It is delivered by Local Link – a consortium of seven local organisations:

  • Real
  • Apasenth  
  • DeafPLUS
  • Age UK East London
  • Tower Hamlets Law Centre
  • Bromley by Bow Centre
  • Positive East

The service will support all adults with support needs in Tower Hamlets with timely, relevant and accurate information and advice, and provide advocacy to take action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain services they need.

Information, advice and advocacy services will be available to all adults in the borough with support needs including older people, those living with HIV/AIDS, those with long term condition, those living with physical or learning disabilities, sensory impairments, autism and dementia. Advocacy services will also be open to young people with disabilities, especially learning disabilities from the age of 14.

Services delivered include:

  • benefits, welfare and money management
  • housing
  • legal advice for residents with disabilities
  • supported internet use 
  • volunteering and employment
  • advocacy.

When you first contact us we will see if we can help you straight away. If we think you need further help, staff can support you to book an appointment to see a specialist from a Local Link organisation, or help you to find another solution.

The Hubs have computers that you can use to get information. Contact us to find out when a computer at your local Hub is available. Hubs are at the following centres and are open between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday:

  • Age UK East London – Appian Court, Resource Centre, 87 Parnell Road, E3 2RS
  • APASENTH – Carmine Wharf, 30 Copenhagen Place, E14 7FF
  • deafPLUS – First Floor, Trinity Centre, Key Close E1 4HG
  • Bromley by Bow Centre – St Leonard’s Street (enter the hub via Bruce Road) E3 3BT
  • Positive East –159 Mile End Road, E1 4AQ
  • Real – Jack Dash House, 2 Lawn House Close, E14 9YQ.

For more information on the accessibility of deafPLUS, please see our DisabledGo page.

Help to speak out

Advocates help people to speak up for what they want. There are organisations that are independent of the council who can provide advocacy support to people.

The Care Act 2014 makes it a legal requirement to provide an independent advocate to facilitate the involvement of a person in social care processes in certain circumstances.