What is care and support?

Care and support can help you remain independent, active and safe. This can include help to do everyday things which most of us take for granted like being able to get out and about.

For example, support can help with: 

  • Building your confidence so you can do things for yourself 
  • Staying healthy and active
  • Taking part in local community activities
  • Getting access to work, training or volunteering
  • Making new friends and meeting new people
  • Communicating with others
  • Meals in the home 
  • Personal care, such as bathing or dressing 
  • Everyday tasks such as house work

Care and support is provided by lots of local organisations working in your community. Many of these are voluntary or charity organisations. There is a variety of support provided by local groups that might suit your needs, such as support groups, lunch clubs, and community centres.

In some cases, support for people in urgent or serious need can also be provided by Tower Hamlets council.

Care and support can be provided in your home or in the community. It can also be provided in a care or nursing home if this suits your needs.