Adult carers

We know that friends and family who care for their loved ones play a crucial role in our society. We are committed to supporting carers so that people can continue in their caring role but also have a life of their own.

Support for carers

A range of support and activities are available to carers in Tower Hamlets.

Carers Assessments

We offer Carers Assessments for people who may need more intensive or ongoing support from the council. These assessments are based on a discussion about the kinds of issues you need help with, the impact these issues have on your life and how they can be addressed.

If you think you need a Carers Assessment, please contact the Tower Hamlets Carers Centre first.

Where to start

The Tower Hamlets Carer Centre is a good place to start. The centre provides information, advice and support for carers. Staff let you know about other support and activities in the borough for carers. They can also talk to you about Carers Assessments to see if this is something you might need.

Tower Hamlets Carers Centre 
21 Brayford Square London
E1 0SG

To find out more please call 020 7790 1765 or visit the Tower Hamlets Carers Centre website.
Opening jours: 9am – 5pm.
The centre is wheelchair accessible

National information

Carer UK

  •   Visit Carers UK for information and advice for carers.

Carers Direct

  • Visit Carers Direct for information, advice and support for carers on how to cope in a crisis, advice to stay healthy or to find local services, or call 0300 123 1053.

Carers Trust

  • Carers Trust provides information about support services for carers.

Useful resources

If the situation is serious or urgent, please contact the council’s Intervention and Assessment team on 0300 303 6070 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri).

The Care Act

The Care Act came into law in 2014. The law introduces new changes for carers, and essentially puts carers on an equal footing with the people they care for. The Carers Trust has useful information on what the Care Act means for carers.

Strategies and plans

Our Commitment to Carers plan sets out our workplan for unpaid carers until June 2020

The Carer Dignity Charter sets out the commitment of health and social care services to support carers