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Support and Services from your Children's Centre

Why should I go to my local children and family centre?

Children and Family Centres give you the right help at the right time by accessing services, sessions and support. If you are:

  • an expectant parent or a parent/carer with a child from birth - 19 years old
  • or have a child up to 25 years old with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities,

We can offer a range of services to help you in what can sometimes be a troublesome time. We offer:

  • family support,
  • early education training,
  • child and family health services,
  • childcare advice,
  • employment advice,
  • volunteering options and
  • training support.

What help and support can I access?

Families can get advice and support in accessing a range of childcare options including:

What sessions and advice are on offer?

If you need general advice and help or want more information on the activities at your local children and family centre please call us on 020 7364 1553.

What sessions do we provide?

Children and family centre sessions

 Name of groupDescription
 Little Talkers

To support parents and carers to implement good adult-child interaction strategies which aims to support the language development of children by improving the communication environment.

 Invitation to Play

Targeted play sessions offering a nurturing play environment for children with special needs or awaiting diagnosis. 

DOVES (Development Opportunities, Visual Experiences and Support)

Play session with focused activities for children who are visually impaired. Parents and Carers are supported to guide their child’s early learning through play and promotion of visual/tactile skills develop socialisation and independence.

 Ready Steady Go

Session is run using a ‘Total Communication Approach’ where a range of communication methods are used to encourage deaf and partially hearing children to understand and communicate effectively with others.

Family Support

Our family support team provides the following; Outreach and signposting to community resources, developing positive parenting skills, building self-esteem and empowering parents. We work closely with a range of partners and local organisations.

Play in the Home

The play and learning team can provide a tailored play experience, role modelling play which is suited to individual children's developmental needs.

Early Learning for Two Year Olds

Learning through activities and play enables children to grow and develop, as well as improve their communication and social skills.  Support and advice is available to complete application forms and check eligibility. For more information please contact your local children and family centre.

School Readiness

Children and Family Centres can support families with early education development opportunities to enable children to be school ready. 

Universal play and learning

The universal stay and play sessions are delivered from our children’s centre and local outreach venues, designed to encourage children to learn through play which stimulates their cognitive, physical and social development.

Inclusion and SEND

If you are concerned about your child’s development contact your local Children and Family Centre for advice. If your child attends a childcare setting talk to the Inclusion Coordinator in the setting. You can also get advice from the Inclusion Team on 020 7364 4925

Healthy Families

Children and Family Centres work in partnership with services to provide advice and support on baby feeding, emotional wellbeing, speech, language, child development and distribution of Healthy Start vitamins.

WorkPath and volunteering

WorkPath is a unique employment service for all Tower Hamlets residents, providing

  • one-to-one appointments and volunteering opportunities

  • access/support into training and employment

  • CV writing/job searches/interviewing techniques/carer advice.

The volunteering Project can support you to build your skills for future employment.

 Educational Psychology Support

Supporting families who find it difficult to set boundaries in managing child behaviour, toilet training, parenting strategies and to support parents understanding of a child’s disability diagnoses.

 Adult learning and parenting 

All programmes and courses are delivered in partnership with our stakeholders and partner organisations and are free to attend if you meet the eligibility criteria.

The parenting programmes and adult learning courses support parents and carers to access the right learning and training opportunities to gain new skills and qualifications.