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Training programme

Our vision for Early Help is that every family should get the right support at the right time to ensure that needs are addressed quickly; thus, preventing further escalation or crises; and ensuring that resources are put to the best possible use.

 To support services/practitioners to successfully deliver Early Help, we have put together a range of learning and development opportunities which include e-learning, classroom based training and other opportunities.

The training programme:

  • Is accessible to all practitioners and staff who work with children, young people and their families in Tower Hamlets; regardless of their role, status or organisation.
  • Promotes interagency collaboration essential to the ethos of Early Help
  • Promotes multi-agency partnership working and learning which encourages networking and information sharing.

The training brochure is available to all professionals across the Children & Families Partnership including:

  • Local Safeguarding Children’s Board
  • Schools
  • Children’s Centres and day care providers
  • GPs/Health visitors and other Health professionals
  • Employment Agencies
  • Housing Providers
  • Police and Fire Services
  • The Early Help Hub
  • Private and Voluntary sector organisations
  • And many more…

Training programme

To book onto any of the courses below, please complete the Tower Hamlets Learning Hub training request form.

Early Help Practice and Assessment Skills training

This one day interactive course is for all professionals who work with children, young people and families in Tower Hamlets. The course builds on assessment and analysis skills, introduces whole family working and using the Early Help Assessment in Tower Hamlets.

Early Help Assessment Technical / Systems training

This half day session introduces the Early Help Assessment process to new users who have not previously completed an online eEHA, and for those who would like to brush up their skills in completing the electronic assessment forms.

This training session does not cover the practical skills required to complete an effective assessment – only how to complete the e-form.

Training is NOT essential to access eEHA, however, sessions are available to introduce new users to the system and as a refresher to those that have previously completed the training.

To book onto this course, please get in touch with the Early Help IT Service Desk via email to EarlyHelpIT@towerhamlets.gov.uk or call 020 7364 6238

 Effective Multi-Agency working - Role of the lead professional

This half day training is aimed at all professionals that may take on the Lead Professional role as part of multi-agency partnership working with children and families. The session provides an outline of the role of the lead professional and skills required to be a competent lead professional including dealing with difficult situations and managing accountabilities.

This course is suitable for all services working with children and families and professionals working in a multi-agency role and those who may wish to develop new and existing skills in undertaking the lead professional role.

This could include lead workers, staff involved in team around family meetings, staff from nurseries, children centres, health, police, probation, community workers and housing providers.

Family Group Conference

This half day workshop will give participants an overview of Early Help FGC’s, the aims, theory, working processes and intended outcomes for children and families of ‘The Family Group Conference’ model. It will include practical application of the model and learning outcomes. 

Integrated working for Early Help managers

This half day training is for Managers who manage and support a team of people who work with children, young people and their families. It explores strategies for effective support and supervision, quality assurance of assessments undertaken by staff and case management.

Restorative practice training

This training introduces the principles, values and practices of the philosophy of restorative and relational practice. It is founded on the principles of working ‘with’ people, rather than doing ‘to’ or ‘for’ others.

When we work with and alongside people, rather than make decisions about them in isolation, outcomes and impact are so much greater.

Restorative and relational based practice describe a way of being, an underpinning ethos, which enables us to build and maintain healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and repair harm when relationships breakdown.

This 1 day course is open to organisations that deliver Early Help Services and professionals who would like to develop basic knowledge and awareness around restorative practices to enable them to build effective relationships with families.

Reducing parental conflict training programme

Conflict between parents is a normal part of relationships and family life.

Not all conflict is damaging, but the way conflict manifests – its frequency, intensity and how it is resolved – can negatively affect children.

Where conflict between parents is intense, frequent and poorly resolved, it can harm children’s outcomes – regardless of whether parents are together or separated.

We have commissioned a number of training courses raising awareness about Parental Conflict - looking at the impact on families and children, triggers of conflict between parents and how you, as a professional, can help to reduce the impact and support families to resolve conflict constructively.

Courses include:

  • Half day awareness sessions
  • One day workshops for frontline practitioners
  • One day training for managers
  • E-Learning
  • Train the Trainer programme
  • RPC Conference - 29th October 2019

The Reducing Parental Conflict training programme is open to all professionals working with children and families in Tower Hamlets. 

Early Help E-Learning

All professionals who work with children and families can access the Early Help E-Learning.

There are three modules on key areas for staff and professionals

Introduction to Early Help

Professionals will:

  • Understand what Early Help is and how Early Help can be applied
  • Understand responsibilities and roles of all agencies working with children and families
  • Gain insight into thresholds, pathways and Early Help Assessments

Introduction to Early Help

Whole family working

  • Coming Soon

 Role of the Lead Professional

Role of the Lead Professional E-learning


For more information or details on how to book, please see the full training brochure

If you have any queries, please contact Kobita Begum, the Early Help Workforce Development Co-ordinator via email to Kobita.Begum@towerhamlets.gov.uk