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Women's group

Empowerment. Motivation. Confidence

The purpose of this group is to promote and empower women with mental health issues in such a way that they are better able to identify, and meet their own needs.

How to join

  • The group is open to women experiencing mental health problems between the ages of 18 – 65 and living in Tower Hamlets.
  • If you are a member of PRDC, you can speak to your Link Worker who can refer you to the group.
  • If you are not a member you can ask a mental health professional to refer you, however you do need to have a Care Coordinator or be Care Managed in order to access the service
  • If you aren’t currently attending the centre, you can express an interest during the referral process. You will need to be referred to PRDC by your care manager.

Aims of the group

  • To actively promote and advance the health and wellbeing of women with mental health issues.
  • To encourage and support women to engage in activities available in the community.
  • To provide a forum for frank and open discussions on issues that are of relevance to group members.
  • To encourage peer support
  • To motivate and promote self confidence and self esteem.

Group agreement

We want the group to remain a safe and supportive environment for all members. Members came up with the following ground rules for attending the group: 

  • everything discussed within the group remains confidential
  • we respect one another and are respectful of different opinions
  • we try not to interrupt other members when they are speaking
  • we try to be punctual and let other members of the group know if we cannot make it
  • you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. It’s ok just to be present
  • if you want to take a break that’s fine; ask a staff member if you want support.

What we do

Activities are planned and reviewed regularly by group members. Examples of current activities include:

  • peer support discussions
  • group outings
  • exercise
  • Café visits
  • short walks
  • craft sessions.

If you need the information offline, download a copy of the women's group leaflet.


Email: sian.pearson@towerhamlets.gov.uk
Tel: 020 7364 1240