Pritchard's Road Day Centre Catering Project

Our services

PRDC works to support individuals through their recovery, promote social inclusion and reduce isolation. We aim to support individuals in their personal development and recovery by offering rehabilitation, training and vocational opportunities.

Our skills based and therapeutic programmes aim to support individuals in moving through the service onto other appropriate community and mainstream resources.

All members regularly meet with their PRDC Link Workers, in order to set goal plans, review progress and achievements, as well as to discuss planned move on opportunities.

Membership criteria

In order to access the service, members must be:

  • accessing mental health services
  • be FACs eligible
  • willing to engage in the recovery process
  • work jointly with their PRDC Link Worker, in identifying gaols, achievements and opportunities. 

How to make a referral?

Whilst anyone can refer individuals to the service, they must be Care coordinated or Care Managed. 

All the necessary documentation must be received before a decision can be made; failure to provide all documentation may result in delay. Contact the Administrator who will arrange

Marwa Rahman
Pritchard Road Day Centre
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