Riverside Centre

Would you like to meet new people or make new friends?

If yes, then consider coming to Riverside Centre. The centre provides activities, help and support for 40 older people living in Tower Hamlets.

What happens at Riverside Centre?

Riverside Centre provides care, support and stimulation for older people of retirement age, whether frail, physically disabled or experiencing isolation or emotional difficulties. All users have a ‘Key Worker’, through this system we aim to provide the continuity of a designated member of staff, and help create closer relationships that will encourage users to express their needs and achieve the aims of their Care Plan. The centre has both male and female staff that are trained and experienced in the care of older people.

At Riverside Centre we aim to:

  • Meet the individual needs of our users.
  • Help people maintain their independence, whilst offering support to carers. 
  • Offer social interaction with others and provide an opportunity to make new friends. 
  • Achieve a stimulating environment with a variety of activities. 
  • Create a lively and friendly atmosphere, where all are made to feel welcome.

Services we provide

The centre offers a variety of services. These include a chiropodist, optician and dentist, all of whom visit on a regular basis. The centre also offers assistance with personal care i.e. assisting with washing and toileting.

Activities at the centrePoplar Day Care Centre

We offer a variety of interesting and stimulating activities that are designed to meet the needs of our users. Some of the activities include art and crafts, reminiscence, music and movement, darts, quizzes, crosswords, discussion groups and reflexology.

We also have a 'Beauty Group' where you can get your hair washed and set or your nails cut and varnished. Outings to places of interest can sometimes be arranged during summer months.

There are regular 'User Group' meetings where all users are encouraged to make a contribution and suggest new activities.

Opening hours

The centre is open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (except Bank Holidays)

How can I use the centre?

Users must meet the council’s ‘eligibility criteria’ for receiving a service.

Placements at the centre can only be offered following an assessment by a social worker. The assessment is to clarify the individual’s needs and ensure the authority’s eligibility criteria are met. If the assessment confirms the need for a day care placement, a referral/care plan is passed to the day centre.

Anybody can refer someone who they think is in need of care and support to adult services for an assessment. This includes family members, carers, doctors and potential services users themselves.

To make a new referral call the Social Care Contact Team on 0300 303 6070

Read our brochure for more information

Contact us

Riverside Centre
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Tel: 020 7364 6960
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