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Community support

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – how can you help?

As the impact of coronavirus spreads across the country, community support groups and residents across the borough are coming together to support vulnerable individuals who need extra help during this difficult time.

Please read on if you want to find out more about how you can help your neighbours and the wider community.

Our role

The council works closely with the voluntary and community sector in Tower Hamlets. We know many of these organisations are making arrangements to support people who need extra help.

To help support this vital work we are letting people know how they can get involved.

How can you volunteer

If you are an individual who would like to volunteer to help those who are older or more vulnerable, or who may be self-isolating, you can offer support through the Tower Hamlets Volunteer Centre. 

The Volunteer Centre are now recruiting people to help with the response to the coronavirus outbreak. If you would like to register, you can sign up on their website.

If you do not want to officially register to volunteer, we are asking our residents to safely check in on their neighbours, or friends and family who might need some extra help.

Volunteer safely

Many people are coming together to play their part and help provide essential support to friends, family and vulnerable individuals. Read updated government guidance on how you can help and importantly, how you can do this safely. Always keep up to date with the latest NHS advice.

Support local food banks

Foodbanks will be a lifeline for many people and are already helping to supply and deliver food to people who can’t get out, either because they are self-isolating or are considered at high risk of coronavirus.

Two local organisations, Bow Food Bank and the First Love Foundation, are asking for donations to help them buy and deliver food to those most in need in Tower Hamlets.

If you would like to and are able to, you can donate to the Bow Food Bank and First Love Foundation online.

Support with New Universal Credit applications

The council has a dedicated phone line for people who want help with Universal Credit.

To book a phone appointment with a  council officer, please call 020 7364 7010.

Welfare benefits advice

The council is working with local advice agencies to continue providing welfare benefits advice remotely. Their contact details are listed below. All our partners are experiencing unprecedented demand so we would ask you to keep trying if you cannot get through at your first attempt.


Telephone advice


Account 3

0207 739 7720


Age UK

0208 981 7124



0207 001 2266


Bromley by Bow Centre

020 8709 9757

020 8709 9745


Carers Centre Tower Hamlets

0207 709 1765


Citizens Advice Bureau

0203 855 4472



077 4570 8878 (Text only)


Fair Finance

0203 475 8811


Financial Health Centre

0207 364 2200


Island Advice Centre

0207 987 9379


Legal Advice Centre

0203 606 0372


Limhouse Project

0207 538 0075


Local Link/Real

020 7001 2175 


Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham

0207 510 1081


Ocean Somali Community Centre




0207 749 7608 (Wednesday 2 - 4pm)

0207 749 7605 (Thursday 10am - 12.30pm)


Positive East

020 7791 2855


St Hildas

0207 739 8066 (Monday to Thursday, 10am - 2pm)


St Peter

0207 729 1036


Stifford Centre

0207 790 3632


Tower Hamlets Law Centre

0207 538 4909


Tower Hamlets Resident Support Outreach Service

0207 364 7010 



020 7392 2953 



Resident support scheme

The resident support scheme is designed to help residents who are either in or at risk of being in crisis or are in need of immediate help and have no source of financial support available to them.

The scheme can help with short-term living costs such as credit food and gas/electric pre-payment metres. It can also help in some circumstances with white goods and furniture. Cash will not usually be awarded, but a pay point voucher can be supplied to the applicant where necessary.