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Stay at home religion, faith and worship resources


Many local places of worship are offering virtual services, reflections and guidance. We have listed a few, but please check your local faith organisation's website or social media page for further details on virtual services and support available.


The current coronavirus pandemic may have an impact on who should be fasting and how Iftar or prayers take place. See our advice on observing Ramadan during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ramadan calendar

See all the key 2020 Ramadan dates on the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre website.


Open iftar (supported by London Mayor) has many options of sharing your iftar with others whilst social distancing, as well as:

  • virtual guest speakers
  • Athaan (watch the call to prayer live)
  • fundraise


Weekly worship services now on air

BBC local radio is helping to support faith communities unable to visit places of worship due to the current coronavirus outbreak.

  • Muslim reflections are now on air every Friday at 5.50am.
  • Christian service is being broadcast every Sunday at 8am.

We will keep you updated as we become aware of other similar initiatives to help support our faith communities at this time.

Christian virtual services

Christian virtual services
 ChurchService details 
 St Peter's Bethnal Green
  •  Sunday services - 10.30am
  • Posts 5 minute devotional videos every evening
  St Paul’s Shadwell 
  •   Sunday services -10.30am and 6pm
 St Helen's Bishopsgate
  •  Tuesday lunch times
  • Sundays - 10.30am, 4pm and 6pm


The London Buddhist Centre have moved these sessions online:

  • Dharma
  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • yoga 
  • Ask a buddhist

Allowing everyone to get involved, wherever they are.