Covid-19 restrictions

A national lockdown is now in place to control the spread of Covid-19 as rates rapidly increase across London and the country.

Everyone must now stay at home, and only leave home for specific reasons. Full details of what you can and cannot do are available on the government’s website.

Remember, advice around Covid-19 can change quickly, so keep up to date with the latest information.


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Covid-19 vaccines

NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

The Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective. It gives people the best protection against Covid-19.

Who can currently get the Covid-19 vaccine?

The NHS is currently offering the Covid-19 vaccine to those most at risk from the virus.

Currently, the vaccine is being offered to:

  • People aged 80 and over
  • Adult care home residents
  • Health and social care workers

The majority of vaccinations for these high-risk groups will be given between January and April 2021. The order in which people will be offered the vaccine is based on the government’s priority list.

Wait to be contacted

The NHS will get in touch with people directly when it is their turn to be vaccinated. Please don’t contact your doctor or the NHS asking about vaccination; this is not a service that you are able to book in advance. The NHS will contact you when your turn comes in the months ahead. If you are contacted, please do attend the appointment.

If you are aged 80 or over

Now, anyone who is aged 80 or over, and who has not heard from the NHS about booking an appointment for their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine, should contact their GP to enquire.

Public health advice continues to be important

In the meantime, it is vitally important that we all continue to follow the national public health guidance: wash your hands regularly, wear a face covering in enclosed spaces and maintain safe social distancing. Rates of Covid-19 are high, it is still very much among us and infectious. The risk of catching it is the same as ever for people who have not been vaccinated.

There is more information about the Covid-19 vaccine on both the Government and the NHS website, so please take time to click on these links and read through these pages if you want to find out more.

There is also a Covid-19 vaccination guide for older adults leaflet available.

We will keep you updated as plans for the vaccine programme progress in Tower Hamlets.

Important information

Please remember the following information:

  • Do not attend or walk in to a vaccine centre without an appointment or being invited.
  • When eligible you will be invited for vaccination by the NHS/local GP (letter, phone follow up, text message reminder to book appointment).
  • Based on advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, the government are prioritising first doses of the Covid-19 vaccines. Please do not contact the NHS asking about second doses – updates will be given when these are being administered.
  • Do not take anyone else with you to your vaccine appointment unless absolutely necessary.
  • Please be on time for your appointment - not too early or too late.

Stay safe

There are reports of people being contacted by fraudsters offering the Covid-19 vaccine. The reports show text messages being sent providing a link for people to register their details to apply for the vaccine, some of which require payment.

These text messages and links are not sent from, or linked to, the NHS.

Please note the NHS will:

  • Never ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text asking you to confirm you want the vaccine.
  • Never ask for payment for the vaccine or for your bank details.

If you receive a text message from an unfamiliar number:

  • Do not respond to it or click on any links.
  • Do not enter any personal or log on details.
  • Do not make any payment.