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How you can help

Asthe coronavirus recovery progresses, community support groups and residents across the borough are still coming together to support those individuals who remain vulnerable and still need extra help

Please read on if you want to find out more about how you can help your neighbours and the wider community.

Communicating Covid-19 clearly

Are you a disabled person or a person with a long-term health condition based in Tower Hamlets? Or are you involved in a group or organisation that works with disabled people in Tower Hamlets? If so, Real want to hear from you.

Real are working on a project together with different groups of disabled people to co-produce new and improved Covid-19 health messages. The work will help ensure vital health information is understood by everyone in the local community. 

Why get involved?

Recent government figures show that six out of 10 people who have died from Covid-19 are disabled. The disproportionate effect of the pandemic on disabled people highlights the immediate need for clear, consistent and accessible health messages for every person to help save lives. 

Who are Real?

Real is a disabled peoples’ organisation based in Tower Hamlets. Real work with the local disabled community to identify the barriers to accessing and understanding these crucial Covid-19 prevention and protection messages. 

You can find out more about the project by contacting Hannah West - hannah.west@real.org.uk or 020 7001 2170

How you can take part 

There are a number of ways to join the project. 

If you are disabled, or have a long-term health condition: 

  • Join online workshops to help us understand the barriers you have experienced in understanding Covid-19 messages. 
  • If you don’t have access to technology, we'd love to have a 1-1 informal chat on the phone. 
  • Become Covid-19 community champion in Tower Hamlets, a great way to stay up to date with the latest Covid-19 information and ask any questions you have to the experts. Find out more information here.

If you are an organisation with impairment specific experience in the Tower Hamlets, you can:  

  • Get in touch and ensure your members receive vital Covid-19 health information to stay safe. 
  • Become a partner. Real is looking for partners to help deliver workshops to better understand how Covid-19 public messages can be improved and tailored to meet the communication needs of your members and clients.   

The next workshop for disabled people from Tower Hamlets will take place on 6th April at 3pm. Register here.

How you can volunteer

If you are an individual who would like to volunteer to help those who are older or more vulnerable, or who may be self-isolating, you can offer support through the Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of residents have come forward and registered with the Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets. We are extremely grateful to all those residents.

The Volunteer Centre continue to advertise roles and still need the vital help of volunteers. If you are interested in helping, you can sign up on their website.

If you do not want to officially register to volunteer, we would ask residents to safely check in on their neighbours, or friends and family who might need some extra help.

Volunteer safely

Many people are coming together to play their part and help provide essential support to friends, family and vulnerable individuals. Read updated government guidance on how you can help and importantly, how you can do this safely. Always keep up to date with the latest NHS advice.

Support local food banks

Foodbanks continue to be a lifeline for many people and are helping to supply and deliver food to people who can’t get out, either because they are self-isolating or are considered at high risk of coronavirus.

We're working with more than 30 local food providers to support those most in need.

Donate here