Covid-19 restrictions

We are now moving through the Prime Ministers roadmap out of lockdown. Everyone must stay local and follow the rules, including the rule of six. Remember, shop safe and shop local and stay outside when meeting others – fresh air reduces the risk of passing Covid-19 on.

More information on current restrictions and guidelines is available on the Government website.

Remember, advice around Covid-19 can change, so keep up to date with the latest information.


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Healthy Holidays

If you received a food box this Easter, here you will find everything you need to support you when creating meals with your ingredients.

If you didn't receive a box, why not try one of these healthy recipes? Everything you need to know is in our Healthy Holidays guide.

You should refer to the recipes in this booklet when you are watching the videos. It also contains many more ideas as well as additional ideas and inspiration for staying active and eating well this holiday.

Happy Easter!

Recipe videos

Keep scrolling down or click the following links to watch a short video recipe that has been designed to accompany the Healthy Holidays guide.

  1. Baked potato (Page 16)
  2. Pitta pocket pizza (Page 17)
  3. Tortilla wraps with mixed vegetables (Page 18)
  4. Stir fry vegetable rice (Page 19)
  5. Courgette ravioli with sweet potato chips (Page 20)

Tower Hamlets' Healthy Holidays guide

Download our Tower Hamlets' Healthy Holidays guide which contains ideas, information and inspiration for staying active and eating well this Easter holiday.

Recipe 1: Baked potato



Recipe 2: Pitta pocket pizza



Recipe 3: Tortilla wraps with mixed vegetables



Recipe 4: Stir fry vegetable rice



Recipe 5: Courgette ravioli with sweet potato chips



About these videos

These videos were commissioned by the council and delivered by OITIJ-JO's TATI. TATI was created to support women and young people to develop their skills and establish food businesses in east London, serving authentic Bangla-style food.

Visit their website to learn more.