Covid-19 restrictions

We are now moving through the Prime Ministers roadmap out of lockdown. Everyone must stay local and follow the rules, including the rule of six. Remember, shop safe and shop local and stay outside when meeting others – fresh air reduces the risk of passing Covid-19 on.

More information on current restrictions and guidelines is available on the Government website.

Remember, advice around Covid-19 can change, so keep up to date with the latest information.


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School testing

Covid-19 infection rates in Tower Hamlets remain high. 

If you have Covid-19 and do not know it, you can spread it, putting your friends, family, colleagues and the community at risk.    

Testing for Primary schools, school-based nurseries and maintained nursery schools   

  • Lateral flow tests are being provided by the Department for Education to enable testing of asymptomatic staff at home   

  • Staff should test themselves twice a week, a minimum of three days apart  

  • A positive lateral flow device result means that staff member should self-isolate at home and seek a confirmatory PCR ('swab') test   

  • If the PCR test is negative the staff member can return to school   

  • Primary pupils are not currently being included in mass testing.  

Testing for secondary schools and colleges  

  • For secondary school staff and pupils we are moving to a home testing model.  

  • Pupils will be tested three times at school, then they will be provided with home test kits for regular testing (schools may need to maintain a small on-site testing area for those who are unable to test at home). ​ 

  • A positive test means that the pupil or member of staff should self-isolate at home and seek a confirmatory PCR test   

Mass testing for Early Years​ 

  • Staff at private, voluntary and independent (PVI) nurseries will have access to tests to use twice weekly at home. We understand that by late March, these will have been delivered to all PVIs. 

  • Childminders can continue to access community testing, and the Department for Education is continuing to work with colleagues across government to review the testing approach available for childminders.​ 

Household testing 

Anyone who lives with, or is in a bubble with, school staff and pupils will now be encouraged to test themselves twice weekly. 

Government guidance on this announcement says that households can access tests at the following locations: 

  • At existing local authority rapid test sites  

  • Collection points (currently at local test centres) - you can collect two packs of seven tests at a time to test yourself at home 

  • Through a new home ordering service (though people are being encouraged to collect tests whenever possible in order to avoid putting too much pressure on the delivery service) 

  • At your workplace, if offered 

We are planning to increase the number of collection points locally in Tower Hamlets and we will share new details about testing as it becomes available, including possible new collection points.