Health and Wellbeing Board

The Tower Hamlets Health and Wellbeing board is a statutory committee of the council.

This means senior leaders from the NHS, Tower Hamlets, Healthwatch and the voluntary and community sector can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Tower Hamlets and reduce health inequalities.

What does the health and wellbeing board do?

The health and wellbeing board aims to improve the health and wellbeing of local people and tackle health inequalities by:

  • identifying local health needs and priorities, and making sure commissioning plans reflect the findings of our analysis of local health needs, the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)
  • preparing and publishing a joint health and wellbeing strategy based upon the needs identified within Tower Hamlets health and wellbeing profile
  • plan the delivery of integrated local services by addressing the underlying factors of health and wellbeing
  • encouraging agencies to collaborate
  • communicating and engaging with the public and other stakeholders about how to achieve the best possible quality of life

Our lead member for Adults Health and Wellbeing, Councillor Rachel Blake who chairs meetings of the Health and Wellbeing Board produces a briefing note following each board meeting which are listed as follows.

Health and Wellbeing Board meeting dates, agendas and papers can be found on our committee pages

Who sits on the health and wellbeing board?

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 sets out a minimum membership of:

  • one local councillor
  • a representative of the local Healthwatch
  • a representative of the local clinical commissioning group
  • the local authority director for adult social services
  • the local authority director for children’s services
  • the director of public health for the local authority

Tower Hamlets Health and Wellbeing Board has widened its membership to include representatives from Barts Health Trust, GP Care Group, East London Foundation Trust and the Community and Voluntary Sector.

Board members

Cllr Rachel Blake

Chair, LB of Tower Hamlets

Sir Sam Everington

Vice-chair and Chair of TH clinical commissioning group

Cllr Danny Hassell

Cabinet Member for Children Schools and Young People, LB of Tower Hamlets 

Cllr Sirajul Islam 

Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration, LB of Tower Hamlets 

Cllr Candida Ronald

Cabinet Member Resources and the Voluntary Sector, LB of Tower Hamlets 

Cllr Denise Jones

Mayor's Advisor for Older People, LB of Tower Hamlets 

Dr Somen Banerjee

Director of Public Health, LB of Tower Hamlets 

Steve Collins

Executive Director of Finance, WEL CCG’s – Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Newham CCG’s

Denise Radley 

Corporate Director Health Adults and Community, LB of Tower Hamlets  

James Thomas

Corporate Director Children and Culture, LB of Tower Hamlets  

Randal Smith

Chair of Healthwatch Tower Hamlets 

Vicky Clark

Divisional Director Growth and Economic Development, LB of Tower Hamlets 

Chris Banks

Chief Executive, GP Care Group 

Dr Ian Basnet

Public Health Director, Barts Health NHS Trust 

Peter Okali

Chief Executive, Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Service

Dr Paul Gilluley

Chief Medical Officer, East London Foundation Trust 

Jackie Sullivan


Managing Director, Royal London Hospital - Barts Health

Helen Wilson

Housing Representative, Tower Hamlets Housing Forum / Clarion Housing

Vivian Akinremi

Young Dept Mayor - Cabinet Member for Health, LB of Tower Hamlets 

Marcus Barnet

Joint Borough Commander for Tower Hamlets and Hackney, London Metropolitan Police 

Richard Tapp

Borough Commander, London Fire Brigade