Information on how we are doing in adult social care

The Local Account of how we are doing

What has changed in adult social care over the last year? Where does adult social care perform well and where are improvements needed? This information and much more is in our Local Account of adult social care in Tower Hamlets.

Read the Local Account 2018 .

What is the Local Account?

Under new government guidelines, councils across England must publish this annual document to set out progress and outcomes achieved in adult social care. The report describes our performance over the last year and our priorities for the future so that everyone can find out where we are doing well and where we need to improve; and scrutinise, check and challenge our performance. The aim is to provide transparency for local people to better understand how social care is being delivered in Tower Hamlets, leading to greater involvement and challenge. 

We are really keen to hear what people think about the quality and performance of adult social care in Tower Hamlets. If you have any feedback or comments about the Local Account, or if you would like copies of any of the documents referred to in the Local Account, please email

The Care Quality CommissionAHWB

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the social care regulator for England.

On its website you can find information and reports on the quality of care services in Tower Hamlets and across England. 

If you are looking for a care home, for example, you can see how one compares to another and how well it might meet your needs or the needs of someone you care for.

Customer views on how we are doing

We have 21 factsheets that explain the views and experiences of people who use social care on a variety of topics.  

You can email if you would like to see any of these.

  • AHWBFactsheet 1:   Money
  • Factsheet 2:   Housing
  • Factsheet 3:   Crime, safety and safeguarding
  • Factsheet 4:   Neighbourhoods and getting around
  • Factsheet 5:   Social life and activities
  • Factsheet 6:   Engagement and involvement
  • Factsheet 7:   Discrimination and equality
  • Factsheet 8:   Information and advice
  • Factsheet 9:   Learning disabilities
  • Factsheet 10: Physical disabilities and frailty
  • Factsheet 11: Mental health
  • Factsheet 12: Older people 
  • Factsheet 13: Unpaid carers 
  • Factsheet 14: Quality of life (Dept. of Health definition)
  • Factsheet 15: Social care assessments
  • Factsheet 16: Perceptions of social care and the council
  • Factsheet 17: Personal budgets
  • Factsheet 18: Long-term social care services Personal Budgets in social care
  • Factsheet 19: Independence
  • Factsheet 20: Health Needs
  • Factsheet 21: Health services

These factsheets show what people think on a variety of topics. Read more research information on the needs, health and wellbeing of Tower Hamlets residents.

Budget 2011-12Transparency and how we spend our money

Read information on how money is spent by Tower Hamlets Council.  This includes details of all payments over £500 in value.

Last updated: March 2014