Quality Assurance for provider services

Welcome to the Ensuring Quality web page where you can access details of the quality assurance processes, information and resources.

There are approximately 10,000 people in East London with personal budgets. This process ensures that we have everything in place to positively manage risk and give people the right tools to make informed choices.

The quality assurance process encourages the social care market to meet service user’s needs.

What is it?

Six east London boroughs (Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest) have designed a quality assurance system for providers who wish to offer services to individuals who manage their own care and support arrangements via a direct payment or cash personal budget. It is based on a set of 8 standards that service users told us were important to them.

Individuals who attend the service are supported to achieve the following outcomes: See short films demonstrating how services evidence meeting these standards.

Organisations must ensure the delivery of the individual's following outcomes: See the short films below demonstrating how services evidence meeting these standards.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

If your quality assurance application is successful you will be awarded the Ensuring Quality mark. In Tower Hamlets this is a pre-requisite for being added to the Tower Hamlets Community Catalogue. In other boroughs this may be different but the basic principle is that once you have the quality mark this is accepted within each borough. The catalogue is the directory of support and care services for adults; this is used by anyone looking for a service provider that has been either commissioned or quality assured.

  1. If you meet the standards, this information will be shared with service users, carers, care managers and support brokers. People are more likely to choose a good quality organisation
  2. smaller organisations that are unregulated by CQC sometimes struggle to prove their quality. The standards will help smaller organisations show their quality to people who buy services
  3. sometimes it is hard for smaller organisations to know what councils want. What we think is important is clearly set out in the standards with toolkits to help you improve
  4. this is a cross-borough programme. There is one set of agreed standards across all six east London boroughs. Once you have met the standards we will share that information with the other boroughs. There will only be one process to go through and we will be really clear about what we want. 

How do I apply?

In order to demonstrate that you as a provider meet the standards please complete the relevant questionnaire (listed below) and submit along with your evidence documents to ensuringquality@towerhamlets.gov.uk



Please select the relevant questionnaire & guidance document to your organisation.


There is lots of guidance to help you complete the questionnaires. For example, we are making some videos to show what these standards mean. Have a look at Ellingham showing us how they take risks and stay safe or Map Squad showing us how they get the right support to achieve what they want out of the service. There is also written guidance on how to complete the questionnaires. Please read this before completing the questionnaires.

In addition, there is supplementary guidance for providers who want to define themselves as specialist.

Successful organisations need to re-submit within annually by completing this document.

  • Review and confirmation of continuing compliance with Ensuring Quality Standards

Legal appendix

In applying to have your service placed on the Ensuring Qualities Framework, you agree that if you cease to meet the standards or concerns arise in respect of any risk you or your staff may pose to vulnerable adults or children, Ensuring Quality or any individual Council which is a member of Ensuring Quality may share this information with the other boroughs and any person who comes to your services currently buying your service. Where possible we will give you an opportunity to respond to any concerns raised, but if those concerns are sufficiently serious, that notice may be given immediately, due to our safeguarding responsibilities. You will then be given an opportunity to respond or appeal the decision, and this will be adjudicated on. Until you have received confirmation that you have met our standards, or if you are subsequently removed from the EQ Framework, you cannot use the Ensuring Quality mark, or make any statements which could be taken directly or indirectly to imply that you have achieved our standards. We will take legal action for any misleading use of the Ensuring Quality mark.