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Welcome to the providers' webpage, where you can access useful information, links and resources for providers of adult social care services.

Tower Hamlets Community Catalogue

Please create and submit your provider and service listings now on the Tower Hamlets Community Catalogue. The site is a directory of adult social services in the borough, where people can find out about and purchase support services in the local area. We are keen to ensure that all available services are represented on the directory.

If you have services which are not commissioned by Tower Hamlets or any of the other six participating East London boroughs (Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Newham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest), you will need to obtain certification from the Ensuring Quality scheme. This will allow your service to be listed on any of these boroughs' directories.   

We aim to continually improve the directory, so please send any suggestions to


Adult social care Pan Provider forum

The purpose of these meetings is to inform providers about key issues which affect all or most adult social care providers in the borough. They are a forum for consultations and offer an opportunity for providers to make queries to senior council officers. Meetings are quarterly and usually take place at the PDC in Bethnal Green. All adult social care providers offering services to residents in Tower Hamlets are welcome and are encouraged to attend. 

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, interested in attending the next forum or have an idea for discussion topics please email

Next scheduled Pan Provider meeting: 5 September 2018

Topic: TBC

Documentation from Pan Provider meetings

Pan Provider Forum: 21 February 2018

Topics: Promoting Independence

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1 - Independent Living, Presentation 2 - Introducing PADE UP and PA Finder.


Pan Provider Forum: 6 December 2017

Topics: Charging, GDPR and Safeguarding

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1 - Charging for adult social care, Presentation 2 - General Data Protection Regulation, Presentation 3 - A new approach to Safeguarding


Pan Provider Forum: 6 September 2017

Topic: Monitoring Sexual orientation and Gender Identity

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1 - Monitoring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, LGBT Forum poster, Older LGBT coffee group, Presentation 2 -  Healthcare worker vaccination: clinical evidence, Flu poster


Pan Provider Forum: 10 May 2017

Topic: Health and safety in the home

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1 - Handyperson Service, Presentation 2 - Falls Prevention Service, Presentation 3 - Assistive Technology and Telecare, Presentation 4 - London Fire Brigade, Presentation 5 - Occupational Therapy, OT handout.

Pan Provider Forum: 20 February 2017

Topic: Carers

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1 - Carers, a national context, Presentation 2 - Carers strategy, Presentation 3 - Carers Dignity Charter, Presentation 4 - Carers Centre

Pan Provider Forum: 30 November 2016

Topic: Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1 - Keeping adults safeAt a glance 69: Safeguarding adults: Types and indicators of abuse, Presentation 3 - Smart Care 

Pan Provider Forum: 20 September 2016

Topic: Designing and providing care and support to meet the needs of the LGBT community, Seasonal Flu programme, Carers' Strategy, Market Position Statement

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1- East London Out Project, Out Loud- LGBT Voices in Health and Social Care, Presentation 2- Carers' Strategy, Presentation 3- Market Position Statement, 20 September Pan-Providers Forum key notes

Pan Provider Forum: 20 July 2016

Topic: Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy, Charging for Adult Social Care- consultation, The Idea Store Friends and Carers scheme and Double-handed care

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation 1- Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Strategy, VCS Strategy, Summary of VCS Strategy, Presentation 2- Idea Store Friend and Carer scheme, Idea Store Friend and Carer scheme membership- for the friend or carer, Idea Store Friend and Carer scheme membership- for the home readerApplication for Idea Store Home Delivery ServicePresentation 3- Moving to Single-Handed care, 20 July Pan-Providers Forum key notes, Discussion notes on co-production

Pan Provider Forum: May 10 2016

Topic: Resource Allocation and Apprenticeship, Training and Skills

Meeting documents: Agenda, Presentation on Resource Allocation

Pan Provider Forum: January 18 2016

Topic: Care Act 2014 and the LBTH Practice Framework.

Meeting documents: Care Act LBTH Local Implementation presentation

Pan Provider Forum: April 28 2015

Topic: Care Act 2014 and the LBTH Practice Framework

Meeting documents: Presentation 1 – Theoretical Framework, Presentation 2 - Practice Framework, Practice Framework and Single Assessment, Signs of Safety and Wellbeing, Skills for Care Social Care Reform Useful Resources (also see LBTH useful Care Act links for providers)

Pan Provider Forum: January 19 2015

Topic: Restraint and alternatives for challenging behaviour

Meeting documents: Introduction, Challenging Behaviour Overview, Challenging Behaviour, First Start (provider experience), Discussion Notes

Pan Provider Forum: November 3 2014

Topic: Care Act

Meeting documents: Care Act presentation, Shared learning from Nov and July meetings, Feedback from Nov and July shared with Care Act 2014 workstreams


Useful information and selected forum presentations

Structure Chart of Commissioning & Strategy Team and Access to Resources Team (Adults, Health & Well-being directorate)

How cash personal budgets are working, personal health budgets, Safeguarding adults board, from July 2014 Pan-provider forum.

Market Development Presentation from June 2011 Pan-Provider Forum.

Brokerage presentation, Equalities presentationLGBT-friendly services presentation, January 2013

Procurement Presentation, Volunteers Presentation - Positive East, Support for Providers Presentation - Tower Project (JET), February 1014 Pan-Provider re New procurement requirements ensuring social benefit for the local community (apprenticeships, work experience, volunteering). 

Quality & Involvement Team presentation, Healthwatch presentation, Egress, Egress guide May 2014


Adults Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Plan and Market Position Statement

The Tower Hamlets Market Position Statement, Market Position Statement Appendix (January 2014 version), in conjunction with the Commissioning Plan 2012-2015*, are documents intended to assist current and potential providers and suppliers of the wide range of social care services in working with the council to ensure the borough’s social care market matches the services needed and desired by local residents. It is part of a continuing dialogue with providers and is reviewed and refreshed approximately every six months. 

The Market Position Statement provides an overview of the current services offered to residents and the council’s vision for how services might respond further to the personalisation of adult social care and support. There is information on future market opportunities and key statistics (many taken from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) about the borough to enable you to build on your own knowledge of local needs to predict local demand and develop new activities and services. We are looking to update this document approximately every six months, and to revise it more extensively on an annual basis. 

The Commissioning Plan 2012-2015 provides a framework that supports commissioning and market facilitation activity in respect of adult social care and Supporting People services. The plan supports the implementation of a range of key adult social strategies and plans that are currently being developed or are at implementation stage and will help ensure that all commissioning and market facilitation activity undertaken in implementing these strategies and plans delivers high-quality services that offer good value for money. It will provide an overview of the council's approach to the commissioning of care and to identify priorities for the next three years. 

*Appendix 3 in this document is being updated.    


East London Solutions Ensuring Quality Project

As the council progresses our eMarketplace platform, there is parallel work being undertaken to develop an Ensuring Quality Framework for non-commissioned providers led by East London Solutions (ELS – comprised of six East London boroughs). The Ensuring Quality Framework will be implemented locally as part of a light touch approach to assuring non-commissioned providers who are offering social care related services to individuals with a Direct Payment/cash Personal Budget. Visit the ELS page to find out more on how you can take part and benefit from this initiative.  


Personalising support

Personalisation is the process of enabling people to be more in control of the services they receive. Individuals who access care and support services, that is to say, “customers”, are the future commissioners of provider services. Customers may have their own budget, or a budget managed on their behalf, and choose to “buy into” the services that they feel will best meet their needs and offer the best value for money. 

This will mean that customers, whether funded by Adults, Health and Wellbeing or using their own money, will have more choice and control over their support. Personalisation is also a key pillar in the Health and Wellbeing board strategy. The vision is to improve health and wellbeing through all stages of life to reduce health inequalities and promote choice, control and independence. 

For providers, this will mean some challenges in this changing market. Some of these may include: 

  • different priorities and a change in commissioning intentions;
  • a move away from large block contracts;
  • changing customer expectations;
  • competition in an emerging market environment; and
  • developing  market presence. 

The personalisation agenda is well under way in Tower Hamlets. Providers will want to continue to develop their business to fit these new ways of delivering services. They can do this by looking at: 

  • Increasing customers’ involvement in development, delivery, monitoring and reviewing of services
  • developing a range of service models for people to choose from
  • tailoring support to meet individual needs
  • developing outcomes led care and support services
  • developing increased quality assurance and performance monitoring systems and processes
  • finding new collaborative ways of working & developing new partnerships
  • marketing their services
  • moving away from the way services are funded to how they are delivered
  • identifying potential market opportunities (advocacy/ support planning/ brokerage/ personal assistants/ training/prevention)
  • looking at actual costing/pricing of services.

For more information, please see the government's Think Local, Act Personal website, which is a national, cross-sector leadership partnership focused on driving forward work with personalisation and community-based social care.

More information

Safeguarding Adults – links to the council's safeguarding adults at risk of abuse page. 

Procurement – the council's information page on procurement, including tender opportunities, procurement strategy, e-procurement system and more. 

JSNA – data used to to assess the needs of the Tower Hamlets population and determine priorities for commissioning services.

Factsheets – 21 factsheets that explain the views and experiences of people who use social care on a variety of topics.  

Community Catalogue – directory of adult social care services and associated amenities such as local activities.  The Community Catalogue is an interim directory which is due to be replaced by a much more functional directory. 

Rough Guide to Personalisation – guide to personalisation from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

Think Local, Act Personal – government website with tools to support providers and commissioners to learn from innovative practice in commissioning and delivering personalised services. 

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