What to do if you are concerned

How to raise a concern about an adult

In an emergency situation call 999. If you want to report any other type of crime call 101.

Who do I contact?

Call the the safeguarding adults hotline on  020 7364 6085

  • report the abuse of a vulnerable adult
  • find out more information
  • or raise a concern because you are worried about a vulnerable person.

At peak times this line may be very busy so we recommend you complete the alert form and send it to adultcare@towerhamlets.gov.uk where we will be able to respond more quickly to your Safeguarding concern.

Visit one of our libraries, one-stop shops or leisure centres for support in helping you report abuse.

To report abuse to the police please contact the Tower Hamlets Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub on 020 3276 3501 or email towerhamletsMASH@met.police.uk.

What we will do

We will ask you some questions to help us decide how we can help.  Once we have this information, we will look into your concerns and decide on our next actions.

We will ask you for permission before taking action. If you cannot make this decision yourself, we will speak to the person who contacted us on your behalf and we will consider applying for an independent advocate to support and help you understand the process.

We will ask you what you would like to happen. We may need to speak to other people to get or share more information, but we will ask your permission to do this.  If a crime has occurred we may want to speak to the police.

We may hold a meeting to decide who will be involved in the enquiry and to agree who will do what.  You or your carer may take part in this meeting.

We will draw up a safeguarding plan to look at what is causing the abuse or neglect and find ways to reduce or remove the risk of the abuse or neglect happening.

When we finish the enquiry, you may get a safeguarding plan telling you how we will continue to monitor the risks.

You can speak with us about the enquiry if there is anything you do not understand or are unsure about.

After the enquiry we will make sure that you know what we have done, and ask for your opinion on what we have done.