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Key Theme Nine

Key Theme 9: Optimising independence and wellbeing: Getting the help and support I need as close to home as possible.

This section of the strategy tells you:

  1. What we have identified as the key priorities relating to this theme;
  2. Why we have identified these key priorities;
  3. What we plan to do to make a positive difference.

Many of the plans set out in this and other themes in the Ageing Well strategy are ambitious, and will require close and effective partnerships across a range of local organisations from the statutory, community and private sectors and, crucially, with local communities for these ambitions to be realised.

This theme is essentially about making sure that individuals can access the information and services they need as close to home as possible. As a borough, Tower Hamlets has an incredibly diverse and vibrant voluntary and community sector, and an extensive range of buildings and spaces that are, or could be, accessible to local organisations and communities. The activity planned under this theme is designed to maximise the potential that these existing opportunities provide.

Although there are a range of examples, as outlined above, there is more that can be done on this. As an example, in redesigning day provision for older people we will look at ways in which services could be provided in a more flexible way making it easier to access than the current model of fixed building based services that residents need to travel to get access to.

We will work with housing providers, the voluntary and community sector, and with groups of local residents, to explore and develop ways of enabling group activities to take place at a very local level as a means of reducing isolation and loneliness and reducing reliance on ‘traditional’ types of day services

Update Spring 2018

We are in the process of finalising our action plan which will include working with schools to develop intergenerational projects, information on the new Tenants' Activity Pot (TAP) available to shletered housing tenants as well as working with Tower Hamlets Together to explore how we can provide services that can be delivered as close to local communities as is sensible and viable.

For further information, please contact stephanie.graden@towerhamlets.gov.uk, 020 7364 0391.