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Key Theme Six

Key Theme 6: Optimising independence and wellbeing: staying healthy and active.


This section of the strategy tells you:

  1. What we have identified as the key priorities relating to this theme;
  2. Why we have identified these key priorities;
  3. What we plan to do to make a positive difference.

Many of the plans set out in this and other themes in the Ageing Well strategy are ambitious, and will require close and effective partnerships across a range of local organisations from the statutory, community and private sectors and, crucially, with local communities for these ambitions to be realised.

Staying healthy and active is critical to ageing well, both physically and in terms of mental wellbeing. This theme is, therefore concerned with providing opportunities to enable older people to stay active or to become more active as a means of promoting and maintaining good health for longer.

Update Spring 2018

A number of interviews were held in 2017 with council stakeholders such as the Sports Development Team, GLL staff and commissioners, active travel, to understand their work and opportunities for partnership working.   

These interviews are shaping the action plan.  We are currently finalising the action plan.

For further information, please contact Orenda.obrien-davis@towerhamlets.gov.uk.