Services for older people

Tower Hamlets provides a range of services to help older people live independently in their own homes. Care in a residential or nursing home is available, if this best meets an individual's needs.

Some people cannot manage on their own without help - many are assisted by family and friends, but occasionally more help is needed. Assistance can be provided for older people, people with disabilities, people with mental health problems and others who are unable to live on their own without some support.

Ageing well strategy

The Ageing Well strategy sets out how we plan to improve the experience of growing older in our borough.
The strategy complements the Tower Hamlets Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017 to 2020 and sets out how local communities and organisations will work together to improve the wellbeing of residents aged 50 and over in the borough. 

In developing this strategy, we have worked closely with older people and a range of local groups and organisations to identify what matters to people as they grow older in our borough and how by working together we can make Tower Hamlets a better place to grow older in.

National and local policy and research has also been extensively reviewed to help understand the broader context within which the strategy is framed and to identify solutions that can be implemented locally to help achieve our desired outcomes.

What’s On listings

For more information and updates on the strategy and the progress made, navigate to any of the following themes:

  • Key Theme 1: Ensuring that people with longer term health and social care needs experience care and support that is truly personalised to their individual circumstances, strengths and needs, and that optimises their independence
  • Key Theme 2: Keeping me informed in accessible ways

  • Key Theme 3: Ensuring that the right housing and accommodation options are available to people as they age

  • Key Theme 4: Optimising independence and wellbeing: employment, welfare benefit take-up and reducing poverty

  • Key Theme 5: Optimising independence and wellbeing: Supporting people, as they age, to continue making a positive contribution in our communities

  • Key Theme 6: Optimising independence and wellbeing: staying healthy and active

  • Key Theme 7: Living well with dementia

  • Key Theme 8: Optimising independence and wellbeing: Reducing isolation and loneliness

  • Key Theme 9: Optimising independence and wellbeing: Getting the help and support I need as close to home as possible

  • Key Theme 10: Optimising independence and wellbeing: Last years of life